Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still chugging along!

So, I know my posts are coming less and less. But that does not mean that my fitness journey has seen its better day! I decided it was high time to tell you guys what I have been working on in the last couple months!

First of all, an update on me! Unfortunately, 6 days after I posted my last blog, I lost my day job to the economy. While it has been tough to keep my spirits high, I have succeeded on all fronts in doing so and am simmering on a low boil until something comes up to fill my days again. I did get a job with Tom Douglass Catering, and for those of you who know restaurants, or well known chefs, this is actually pretty cool! Fun Fact: He beat the chef on "American Iron Chef". Lucky for him though, the secret ingredient was king salmon. Lol. Anyway, With the time on my hands though, I'm definitely getting in my workouts! And in July, I gave my trainer enough for a very nice buffer, knowing I would be making less money. Little did I know the reality of that statement at the time, but, training is my sanity. I'm not that upset about it!

As far as my fitness goes: i've been getting 5 strength workouts in a week. One chest day, shoulder day, back, legs, and some rehabilitative work (ok, you're right, so not so 'strength' after all on that last day, but still!) and for fun,I'll throw in arms on any of the mentioned days to make sure they are the primary rather then the secondary targeted muscle. My cardio is not as amazing as it used to be. I do decide from time to time, "I feel like doing 8 miles today!" and I'll break it up into 4mile segments. Or, I'll go do some erg sprints. But, I will say, I really have been working on my strength. Working to get stronger. My knee was causing some issues for awhile, and while that doesnt affect my upper body, It did affect my workouts for a bit. For about a month and a half, I didnt work out much (maybe once, twice a week), but my diet was clean (errrr... enough) and I was still training my clients. My strength declined, I went from an incline chest press of 45 for 8 (spotted) to 37.5/40-ish. While my legs still need work, my last chest work out I warmed up with 40 for 12, and then did 45 for 10 and 8! Ready to hit 50! Woot!

 I'm also quietly, and slowly, working on a side project that I hope to be fabricating sometime in the near future! More details on that soon!

 ALSO! My trainer finally got her site up! If you want to check it out, visit:
 and give her some love! She is definitely one of the leading reasons I am where I am today! She has been one of the most inspirational, motivational people I've known!

 I know, quick short update! But, I just realized, you have yet to see who came out to play!!
My top two! YAY! haha

 Signing off, for now! Will be back hopefully sooner rather than later!