Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WEEK 15 - Aug 31

Yes, it is Tuesday and I'm posting. The top photos are from Sunday and the bottom photo is from Saturday. I felt that the lighting captured my stomach better in the bottom photo. So, thats why I included it.

My motivation has slightly shifted. I've been doing a lot more exercising lately. I worked on my upper body twice yesterday and I've been doing core exercises on my bosu ball with much more frequency than I have in the last month or so. Maybe even more. I did tricep dips until burnout (about 30 reps) three times, same thing with push ups, (3x30) and 15lb bicep curls (3x30) twice yesterday. When I was doing the curls, my veins started to pop all over my arms and hands.... in some sick way, it kinda turned me on.... haha. On the bosu ball I totaled out at about 150 each for front and both side sit ups. Thats not a lot, but with proper form and doing 3x50, it starts to burn after 30 for me at this point. So, that will be working up.

I posted to my facebook status last night that "i feel like im being rocky-fied" And honestly, I have a different fire burning. My trainer says she is notorious for being a lot stronger than she looks. It can be a good thing to be training with her. Well, it is most definitely a good thing to be training with her. But she'll have me pumping the iron soon and I at least wont be those ladies.... AKA half man - woman, with giant builds :) I'm ready for it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

WEEK 14 - Aug. 23

Woah blurry. Oh well! So I mess up one photo along the way! Hmm... still not getting to the gym nearly enough. I did pull 70hrs, legitimately, this last week. 5 doubles in a row and just tired. So, I trained three times with Amanda and had a few active nights at the restaurant. But no real dedicated cardio time. I am definitely getting more and more into the research of how and what I need to do to get the right certifications etc, to be a trainer, and then I can blow the popsicle stand on the restaurant and train and CAD it up! One day soon.... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WEEK 13 - Aug. 17

This week has been OK. haha. I read the scale on Friday and found out I lost 30lbs! It said 145. I'm going to guess if I hopped on the scale right now, it would not. Ian (my brother) came in town on Saturday, and met up with him and had some drinks, had some drinks last night with my co-worker. It is inscribed in my mind now that: Drinks = Calories = Weight Gain = 2lbs for a drink. Well maybe not that severe. And maybe with my metabolism doing fairly well its not a big deal anymore. Also for the fact I'm always hyped up on caffeine now.... and again. It sucks. But, like I've said, life is too busy right now to go without it. Unfortunate, but how it goes :( I have plans to decrease the amount I work, but who knows when that will actually happen :( Anyway! It seems like im complaining a lot, but Life is good, im doing well! I have training today, which i always look forward too. Took yesterday off from the gym. Its so hot in my apt that i couldnt sleep well Sunday night and was fairly tired. I'm tired today as well. Maybe its just an off week. And its hot. But beautiful weather! Anyway! Here is the WEEK 13!!! Wow! photos!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Upper-Arm Flab

Not really. But there is a conveniently placed mirror where I change into and out of my swimsuit when I go to layout on my lunch break and i was bending over today, and the flab from the front of my stomach really reminded me of the extra skin that hangs down from older people's tricep area.... lol. Thought that was humorous. But, that also means that there is not a lot left! So.... I've decided. Tired or not, im going to power through another month or two of crazy exercising. Currently I'm not getting in as much as I would hope because of the fact that I'm very tired lately. Its no fun! But, power through it. Really try to breathe and rest on my days off, and get rid of the last bit! I'm starting to get excited and feel good about myself and the progress i've made when I look in the mirror and see not much is still there. It's go time! I have a mix that should help with this, actually! Not sure its recommending, but definitely gives you that extra pump and with a bosu ball at home now, I can wake up and do my core workout! Awwwww shibby! :P

Beautiful day, maybe I should go for a run. Wait! Dope! Can't run far on concrete yet! :( Till next time! AKA in three days! Ciao!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 MONTHS - Wed, Aug 11

So, this post is a couple days late. The photos are from Monday. I've been quite busy the beginning of the week! Overall feeling after this last month is slightly unsatisfying. My work schedule went CRAZY and I have been working so much! I've figured out a schedule to get 10 minutes of stretching and about 30 minutes of cardio in a day. While I'm happy I have that time, Im used to taking my time, spending 2hrs at the gym. Really taking my time, and making sure to get a long, hard, good workout in! I will say that I did still make some progress in the last month though. So I cant be completely unsatisfied. Hopefully I will figure something out so I can make even more progress this month! Well, my last weigh in with Amanda was a few weeks ago, and I was at 151. I'm not even sure what I weigh right now. Anyway, here is this weeks followed by the 3 month, before-1st month-2nd month-3rd month photo!

And the 3 month comparison:

I will say, those pants in the 3rd month are size 31. Pretty tough to keep them up!
My cat also felt like hopping in for the photo! Meet Roxy!!!

See you all next week!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

WEEK 11 - Mon, Aug. 2

Well, this last week was pretty tough. I only made it to the gym three times, and two of those three were with my trainer. I'm working 65-70hrs a week now and I am finding i need to save any spare energy I got. I plan to go today before my restaurant shift. We shall see what I can cook up tomorrow. And wednesday, if I can at least get the beginning of the week in, I have Thursday night off, be a total rest day. I see my trainer on Friday this week. I have to find a way to keep my energy through Wednesday. That is key. I think. Yesterday I got some good sleep in too! Anyway, today as I was cropping and resizing, I do see a change. I hold my eyes to be blind so that I dont give up on my journey to complete fitness. And today, I allowed myself to see change. Almost to the point I want to send my photos to my trainer. But I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I would love to think that I'm not self conscious anymore. Soon, I'll show them around! Anyway, here is the photo update for Week 11!!