Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally found good lighting!

To show the definition I am beginning to have! Haha. I've been looking for a place where if I took a photo, it would capture the shadows. Alas, my dad's house has a place downstairs.... oh yes. So, this is a midweek progress photo update. I havent done this yet. But I got kinda excited. :D Anyway, more to post on Sunday. PSST.... I've been getting sore! AKA, im sore currently! Sweet!

And for fun :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

10 MONTHS - Feb. 21

So, this post marks 10 months. I'll be honest, I feel as though I havent gone anywhere in 2 months really. I havent been keeping to a STRICT diet, but I havent been eating terribly either. I have been getting to the gym about... 5-6x a week. Which is pretty good. But, I'm at the point, where my diet needs to be SPOT ON. So. Last night. I went out and told myself. ONE meal, and make you feel guilty. I went to the hot dog stands on broadway. Got me a hot dog. Ate it, felt guilty. And today? started in on my diet. Its time for me to start shredding more. That is for sure. So, gotta do what ya gotta do! So, I HOPE, these progress photos will start to...progress, a lil more! Anyway, TEN MONTHS!! Woot! I'm excited! Here is the pics!

10 Month Comparison Line.

I hope, hope 11 months looks a bit better!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

WEEK 39 - Feb. 14

Will get the workout log up soon, but since this post is a day late, need to get it up!
So, week 39 started out awesome. Got in some great workouts. Friday I did a circuit at home using playing cards with bi curls w/ 15lbs, push ups, ball crunches, tri dips, and scissors sit ups. Took about 30 minutes to complete. Had me pumped pretty well! The weekend I missed all workouts. I had a deadline on Monday, and man, hence the reason the post is a day late. VERY busy. Had to pull an all nighter on Sunday! Ah! I do feel a bit better about the way I'm looking. I wish I could take a photo in the right lighting that shows that you can actually start to see my rib cage. On the front, and ribs starting to show through on either side. In the end, definitely a good week. Am ready to hit it hard again after going home last night and just going to bed. I only slept 10hrs from Saturday to Monday! AH! Feeling much more rested today. So, to the new week: Bring it on!!! Here is week 39!

WORKOUT LOG 2/7/2011 - 2/13/2011
Date: 2/13/2011
Day Off

Date: 2/14/2011
Training Session (cant recall what we did.....
Warmed up jogging
Single leg smith squats

Monday, February 7, 2011

WEEK 38 - Feb. 7th

Last week was interesting. I had to take 7 days off. And it wasnt the easiest thing I had to do. Half the time I just had to go to sleep in order to stop myself from driving me crazy! And to top it all off, my diet kinda fell off a couple times. See. Tuesday was my birthday, so I went for drinks on Tuesday, and thursday and saturday. Saturday wasnt as bad as Tuesday and Thursday, but the food consumption on Tues and thurs. Aye ya! OOPS! I've decided to hit my diet hard again, and as well as the gym! I got to start working out again on Saturday. I was doing the stairmill, and I just had this look of complete.... Thats the only word that comes to mind for me. I was maniacally grinning, and my eyes, were fire. I was SO happy to be back sweating that the sweat didnt bother me! Anyway. This weeks photos. are going to be yuck. I feel. But, maybe not as bad as I think they will be. But, hopefully, next weeks? Will be GOOD! I worked out for 2.5hrs last night! FELT AMAZING! haha. Anyway, here is to week 38!

WORKOUT LOG 2/5/2011-2/6/2011

Date: 2/5/2011
Bicycle - Lvl 9, 90rpms, 15mins
Stairmill - Lvl 8 5mins, Lvl 14 for 15mins

How I felt:
I felt awesome! My legs got pretty tired on the bike. But when I hopped onto the stairmill, I was getting tired, but I was so alert. A week off, and I was more than ready to feel like that again! Didnt spend a lot of time, but wanted to get in before evening plans started.

Date: 2/6/2011
Bicycle - lvl 9, 90rpms, 15mins
Treadmill - 7.0 for 10mins
Weight ball crunches - 60lbs, 2x30, 1x40 full; 3x20 1"ers
Hanging Leg Raise - 3x15
Cable Row - 70lbs 3x12
Stairmill - Lvl 8 for 5mins, Lvl 14 for 15mins
Arc Trainer - Lvl 30, 150 SPM, 15mins
Tri Dips - on step with stability ball at feet, 3x15
Straight Leg Dead Lifts - 95lbs 3x15 (little on the light side :( )
Tri Pushdowns - 35lbs, 3x12
Cable Row - 100lbs, 3x8

How I Felt:
I just kept going and going and going. I didnt want to leave. My plan originally was to do two workouts. But then I looked at the clock about 1.25hrs in, and realized it was getting close to 6. So, I just decided to take a little break in the middle. I grabbed a myoplex, and went upstairs to the stationary bikes and kept my legs moving. Nothing crazy. But it felt goooodddd... I'm slightly sore today.... Maybe I need to push myself harder. I think I'm seeing my trainer on Friday. She has been out of town, so I'll be left to my own devices til then. And I am no longer afraid of the meat market. Whatever, I have my tunes on, I know proper form, for the most part. Just do my thang! Anyway, Yeah, this workout had me pumped for a good..... 4hrs or so afterward! Felt good! Woot!