Tuesday, April 26, 2011

11 Months (Do over!) and WEEK 49! - April 26

WOW! I have no idea where the time has gone! OR went! But, all of a sudden, I've missed my first week of blogging since I started blogging, and I forgot photos for this past weekend. Funny thing is I took photos last week, but not this, and I'm blogging this week, but not last. Yes, life has been slightly crazy. My brother has been in town, I've been working out more, I've been working more, I've been doing more, it was Easter. All these are a bunch of excuses as to why I forgot to write my blog last week. And I'm sorry for that.

This has been a blog in process. I start, then go away for a day, then pick back up. Alright, So. Short and sweet, so I can get something posted.

I went almost two weeks without doing much of anything. Was so busy, and tired. And then, I decided, I had no more excuses. I have to get back on the train. My trainer is getting ready for nationals in Vegas in July, and I've decided to give her the support team she had for Emerald Cup. So, I'm dieting and working out, just as much as she. We actually did stairs tonight! And it was awesome! So, we are going to start doing that frequently, I believe! I'm excited! Ew! You guys should see this photo! I love it :D

I still find myself openning up this photo and just thinking "wow, I have definition!" It's crazy! Hard work does indeed pay off! Anyway. Will post again, on Monday. With photos! For sure! :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Off the Hook

This is going to be short. I just realized. I'm letting myself off the hook. I'm not sticking to my diet 100%, even tho I do follow it pretty well. And on top of it, I'm stretched for time, constantly, and if I have time, I relax into it so much cause sometimes I feel my life is just way to chaotic that the second I get a chance to breath, instead of run out and do something else with that time I just hang out. Relax, actually allow myself to unload for a moment. But, I realized. The reason I dont stay strict to my diet is part of me wonders "whats the point??" No matter what I do right now, my stomach will not change much. It has lost all it can lose and while it still may lose some, I was overweight for ohhh..... 7years? Maxing out at 195lbs and, well, I would say that I averaged around..... 185 for the entire 7 years. I got to 175 like 4 summers ago, and then went back up to 185. 190 ish. And i guess its slightly discouraging. I wonder how much of me is lose skin. the fact that I can lift my arm up now and there are stretch marks in my armpit, or the fact that I feel like when I sit down, there is oh... a good pinch (no not mm pinch/skinfold pinch but thumb to middle finger pinch) of what seems to be lose skin. It's all around my body. My legs never carried a lot of fat, so they I think will be just fine.

So, back to why I let myself off the hook. I guess you can say its discouraging. To know, I could be at the gym, doing various cardio routines, switching from distance to HIIT and just constantly requiring my body to perform differently, keeping it on its toes, but my stomach wont change. So, why even diet...right? WRONG. Given, and this is hilarious to me, my craving, my "cheat" is no longer a bacon burger, its no longer ben and jerrys, or cold stone or a milk shake, or a slice of pizza from the amazing hot mamas.... you want to know what I crave now? Trail Mix. that's right, I said it. Trail mix. Not cake, not doughnuts, nothing like that. They must throw some coke, or some addictive additive into their mix because I want it, all the time. I am healthier, but that doesnt mean that I slack on my goals, and what I want for myself.

My goals dont change. Wont change. It doesnt matter, my stomach will get taken care of eventually. And when it does, I wont have these thoughts. But, for now, accept the frustration. Live it. BUT, keep myself accountable!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WEEK 47 - April 12

It seems as tho my official post day has become Tuesday. Mondays i'm running around with my head cut off. Tuesday is a much more relaxed (considering) day! Last week went better than the previous week for me. I ahve been so busy lately with training, and working, there were 2 deadlines last week at the office and I worked through the weekend! But, I did manage to the get to the gym to do some cardio on....... either wednesday or thurdsay. And I rocked it. I hadnt done cardio in a week and a half, and I get back and I did the stair mill and treadmill. I did level 8 for 5, and then level 14 for 15 on the stairmill, and then I had the genius idea of doing intervals for 10 mins, from ummmm 10.0 to 11.0 I think. My legs forgot how to work. Well, that is, until I got to session on Sunday!

Friday first though! Man oh man, I got there and she basically had me jumping around, running up stairs, squating, very active fast paced goodness. We did close to the same thing on Sunday. Just active session. We did a little bit of interval training too and I got up to 12.8.... for 10 seconds, I think any more than that and I would have pulled a Molly Shannon into the hurdles behind me. lol.

My goal/mission for this week is to get to the gym, no matter how tired I am, and get in my workouts. I have missed them. And, even though its important to focus on my jobs, there will never be a day when focusing on myself becomes unimportant. My own fitness goals are just as important! Til next week. And I will post photos next week. Well, I guess I will have too, since, after all it is my 1 YEAR MARK!!!!!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!! :D

This is an after thought. It will be week 48.... aka 11 months. I need to figure out where I went wrong!

Monday, April 4, 2011

WEEK 46 - April 4

So, this week, Has been pretty good! Still super busy! My own training has gone well! I tested my leg press PR on.... Friday night maybe? and I put up 7 plates each side, aka 630lbs! I was slightly shocked to see that! I went up to Edmonds to train a friend of mine. And i threw him into the leg press, and was like "woah, i can do that whole stack" lol Thats pretty cool! I think. Ummm... Havent PRed anything else recently. My trainer posted a photo post-back-wrkt mid week and I texted her saying "ugh, i want your back. I keep going back to that photo" and so Friday, she gave it to me! Im finally starting to feel a bit back to normal! Yes, I think so! Just did the muscle poke test to verify. Haha.

My training, as a trainer, is going well too! Keep diving in and trying to learn all i can about program planning. I need to get back into the nutrition and anatomy side of things. Definitely need a refresher course! Seems like I have clients lining up, but need to get them into the gym! Which is excited. thanks to my amazing bro, I at least have something for a website now. So, its not just a "Coming Soon..." site. Now I feel i can get out there and start marketing myself... in all my spare time ;) I do know that, once the ball starts rolling, i better be able to keep up! May go around to different gyms in the area and work out, see if I can meet people that way. Make lil mail box things for the local residents where the gym is. SO MUCH! haha.

I think 2 weeks ago I said I was starting a strict diet again. And I let the trail mix take over that. Don't ask me, my cheat of choice is trail mix. And its goood... lol. But, I did start a diet on.... hm. I'm not sure, well I started SERIOUS again on Friday. And have kept it going, just fine. No trail mix, no nothing. I went for a drink on sunday, and yesterday, and this coming saturday. Meeting up with old friends. But, sunday i did have some tortilla chips o_O Damn those chips. Could have been worse though. I could have thrown some cheese, and beans, and turned my plan tortilla chips into nachos. So, gotta stay positive! Right!? haha

I am going to give a shout out to my trainer, Amanda J! Who is just 2 weeks away from Emerald Cup 2011 at Snoqualmie Casino and is looking AH-Mazing! I wont be shocked when she takes 1st! She'll def be standing on the podium, or whatever you stand on for top 3 at these functions! lol If any Seattle locals are interested, go ahead and check it out! April 15th and 16th (she's bikini and is on Saturday). The work that goes into getting ready for such a show..... not easy stuff!

Alright, onto photos. (like i said, these aren't changing, that much. I'm going to figure something else out....)
Sorry for the blur!!