Saturday, January 29, 2011

WEEK 37 - Jan 30th

So, last week I gunned it as shown in my fitness log below. My knee was feeling awesome, I was pushing my cardio more than I have since starting. I am really proud of my performance last week. Saturday, however, started a real mental test. My trainer hasnt been able to get me sore in awhile. My muscles are becoming too adapted to working out. So, I have been instructed to take a week off. That started on Saturday. I'm already starting to look googly-eyed at my stability ball in my apartment. But I have found things to occupy my time, luckily. Otherwise I would be going slightly crazy currently. Today is day 3. So, I think that by Saturday, I'll be back at the gym again! I do understand the point of taking the week off. But, its still tough! Especially when your trainer is off playing in waterfalls and on the beaches of Tahiti! Lol. I still am not very happy with this weeks photo. Which kind of reinforces the notion that a week off will be good. I'm not sure I have progressed much of anywhere in about a month, besides better cardio. Anyway, here is advanced warning, that next week's post may be slightly boring! Haha, no workouts to report on, maybe I'll go into detail about my workout(s) on Saturday. I could possibly do that and how out of shape I will feel! Alright! Here is to week 37!!!

WORKOUT LOG (1/23/2011-1/30/2011)

Date: 1/23/2011
Training Session
A lot of rotator cuff exercises.
^^^ A lot harder than it sounds.... lol

Date: 1/24/2011
Stairmill- lvl 8 for 5mins, lvl 14 for 25mins

How I felt:
My trainer asked me to do this on Friday, and I ended up not getting back to the gym that night after session. So, monday comes, I'm feeling refreshed, and, generally speaking, when my trainer gives me an assignment, I do it. So, I get on the stairmill and plug into my earphones and hop too! The longest I had ever done lvl 14 for prior to this was about 7mins. So, I wasnt sure how I would feel about 25. Needless to say, I did it! But was basically ruled brain dead for a good 2hrs afterwards. But, I felt fine!

Date: 1/25/2011
Treadmill- 4.0mph @ 10.0 incline for 5mins,
7.0mph for 10mins
8.0mph for 5mins
9.0mph for 5mins

How I felt:
This was awesome actually. It seems that more often than not, in the past, my knee starts to complain at any speed over.... 8.4-ish. Well, today, 9.0 felt fabulous. It was very relieving and inspiring and motivating that maybe my knee is getting the hang of this running thing. Well, running fast, that is.. So, good sign!

Date: 1/26/2011
Day off.

Date: 1/27/2011
Treadmill- 4.0mph @ 10.0 incline for 5mins,
7.0mph for 10mins
8.0mph for 5mins
9.0mph for 5mins

How I felt:
I decided to do this one again because it just felt awesome! I was a bit tired though. Wednesday, instead of working out, I started to clean my apartment. Well, I get into this mode where I become super anal cleaner. Yeah. It kept me up until about 3am and I've had a 6:15am wake up call for 2 weeks. So, Thursday was taken as a sick day basically after my 4hr job site visit. I slept for 3hrs and then headed straight for the gym! And it still felt awesome! I did start to feel a discomfort on the back inner part of my knee, that I have not felt before, and would come and go, but other than that, I felt great. Sweet!

Date: 1/28/2011
Training Session -
jump squats w/ weights
shoulder break downs
lat break downs
(no, i do not know technical names)

Evening Worktout:
Stability ball weight crunch-
60lbs, 3x40 full, 3x20 1"
Decline sit ups - 2x15, 1x20
Treadmill- 7.0 for 15mins
9.2 for 2mins
Stairmill- lvl 14 for 20mins

How I felt:
The training session worked me good. I felt pretty spent afterward, but refreshed as well. The cardio workout at night. Was rather funny actually. All systems were a go. When I got done, it took me about 2mins to walk about 30ft. And about 5mins to walk to my car that was just around the corner. I sat in my car for probably 10mins, not moving because I couldnt fathom moving any body part. I must have looked dead in my car. I reached for my water bottle, only to start crying when I found out it was empty. Lol. Man, my brain really left my body for those 10 minutes. Because I couldnt function! Thats sometimes the best workout though! Saturday is my last day of workouts before taking a week off. I'm still not sure how I'm going to get through the week. But hopefully my strength of mind will keep me from going to crazy.

Date: 1/29/2011
Decided to start this today rather than push in some more workouts. Decided, just suck it up and take the week off already! It's like the last goodbye. Sometimes its better to just go. You know? haha

Monday, January 24, 2011

9 MONTHS - Jan. 24

Well. I had a new fire burning this month... that is for sure. Lets start with the most recent week. I will say, last week I was thrown a curve ball. I was, and still am waking up an hour earlier than normal, and its is kind of throwing my body into a weird "get tired way before normal" spin. I did see my trainer 4x actually. So i did get in 4 wrkts. And when Saturday rolled around, I was pretty sick that day :( so, no double workout as I had planned. I have started this week off right though! I went to the gym after my morning meeting and totally killed myself on the stairmill. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm back to normal brain function or not. Haha. As far as the entire month? I was on fire, I am on fire! This week, still an hour earlier than normal, and then my trainer is going to require me to take a week off. Aye ya! I guess she knows best though. And if my 8th to 9th month comparison shot is any clue to the fact that i am plateauing (I feel I look a lil bigger in the 9th month.... I could be being critical though!) then I do need a week off. It kinda sucks! You work your butt off, and then you look at a photo of yourself 4wks later and it looks like they should be reversed (8th month should be 9th month and vice versa). Oh well. One week to kill myself, one week to revive myself and then back into the swing of things! So.... here is the weekly and the monthly comparison line!

And the monthly....

What do you think? Am I being critical? or am I actually a lil bigger this month? :( haha

Monday, January 17, 2011

WEEK 35 - Jan. 17

Wow, Wow, Wow! My work out log is slightly scattered right now, so I will include that tomorrow, maybe in a new post. Or just edit this one. but I will say: last week rocked. I'm feeling better and better. It seems that I'm getting a lot of heat on various sites for my habits and the amount im working out. but frankly, I feel fine, if I'm tired, I dont go for the 2nd workout. For instance, tonight, I'm going home and going to bed! The workouts are going well. I am finding that my endurance isn't quite what i had hoped it would be by now. So, I'm going to start to work on that.
I think in the last post, I talked about me plateauing. Well, My trainer is going away for a week or so, and so am i, from the gym. I will take the full week off, enjoy my birthday, and rest up!
You'll have to excuse me, im pretty tired right now! The workouts have been good, the sessions have been awesome. I feel great after this week! On to Week 35 pics!

Monday, January 10, 2011

WEEK 34 - Jan. 10

So, This week I am going to try to start implementing more into my posts. My workouts from the week, We shall see how it looks if I add in what I ate. Anyway! On to the actual post!! WOW! I was a different person last week. I got in 2 doubles (which, yes I planned to do 2 (at least) yesterday, and by the time 9 o'clock rolled around, I was just really tired!) I've entered a new mode mentally. I'm listening to a lot of angry/bass-kicking rap lately. And that sounds retarded, but it keeps me in this "beast mode" as I called it one night where all I want to do is just kill my body (nicely) and yeah.... Training yesterday was interesting. I went in knowing I was going to be more focused than normal. And I ended up having to do a lot of wall sits. Which I havent done in a long time. And my trainer is sitting there talking to me, and I'm looking right above her head to a mental image of me @ 195lbs and I'm just yelling at this person, "This is for you! You like this burn? Huh? You like it? because I dont feel it. I know you! You feel it, and you're about to start crying, but me? No way, I dont feel a damn thing!!" And I did, it started to BURN! haha, I pussed out a couple times. But I really tried to stay down there. But, yeah, like I said, totally different person this week. Got in 8wrkts in 5 days... I think, maybe 6. I'm in power mode. And I LOVE it. Feels awesome!!!

Alright, so I think I'll go ahead and post my photos, and then below that will go into my workout log.... yeah. Anyway! Here are some photos. OH! And I'm pushin my abs more than I have since starting. I hope to get things tightened up in there!

(Also, I decided on sunday to start actually saying what I did at session, and I may start talking about how I felt, but training is training and if it burns, if its hard, its all good, I mainly do that "How i Felt" for cardio because my knee and talking about my endurance, etc. Alright!)

WORKOUT LOG (1/3/2011-1/9/2011)

Date: 1/03/2011
Day off.

Date: 1/04/2011
Training Session

Incline walk (5mins)
Jog (6.0 for 10mins)
Jog (6.5 for 5mins)
Jog (7.0 for 5mins)

How I felt:
After not working out for about a week-ish, this felt fine. I started on an incline walk because a.)you told me so, and b.) loosen things up. And then I decided to see how I felt running. And I felt fine. So, I ran. Ummm… I think at one point my chest started to hurt, so I took the speed down for my heart to get back on track and then picked it up. A lil sign of being slightly out of condition after a lazy weekend!

Date: 1/05/2011
Jumping Rope (20mins)
Stable Ball Crunch 20lbs (3x30)
Bike (10 for 15mins)
Run (6.0 for 15mins)
Stable Ball Crunch (35 for 3x30, 3x20 1”)
Decline Sit Up (3x15)
Run 6.5 (8mins)

How I felt:
This felt fine as well! I was sore after Tuesday’s session, so after getting off the bike felt like I could probably collapse. Quads were really very tight! Did a small stretch before hitting the treadmill. I learned the benefit of breathing while doing the second set of stability ball crunches with 35 at the gym. Proved to help with delaying the onset of the burn. The decline situps weren’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, either. Second set stopped at 8 for a break to continue about 30seconds later. I cut the last run short because my knee began to talk. It was just a mumble, but figured I wouldn’t let it get too loud and suffer the consequences later. Left feeling fairly tired. And head hurt a bit (prob due to congestion).

Date: 1/06/2011
Day off.

Date: 1/07/2011
Training Session

Dip bar knee raises
Weighted Ball crunches (40lbs 3x30, 3x20)
TM Interval Training
-5mins 15.0 @ 3.5ish mph
-5mins -1.0 @ max (8.5-9.0)
-Circuited for 40mins

How I felt: I used a 40lb dumbbell, so that for whatever reason, didn’t seem to hurt as much as it should have. I will now use plates, no question. Interval training was interesting. I honestly felt that part of the reason it was slightly tough was I made up excuses. My iphone in my pocket was going nuts hitting my leg and such, the song wasn’t right. My trainer posted “Drop the World” by Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem on her FB site and said it was good for cardio. It was! I ran the entire duration of the song at one of the fastest speeds I’ve ran since starting to run (8.7, which hush, 6:40 used to be my avg mile, if I was trying I could do 6mins, but, I’ll get there!!!) My conclusion based on this workout, is I need to start going into “boss mode” and listen to music to pump up! Woot!

Date: 1/08/2011
Bike – Lvl 8-9, 95-100rpm, 30mins
SM – 5min @ Lvl 8,
5min @ Lvl 14
Circuited for 25mins
Stable ball w/ 50lbs – 3x30 full, 3x20 1”

How I felt: The bike was goooood. I would get tired, and just tune into the beat in my headphones and tell myself to shut up and just go. Would drop to 6-ish from time to time, just to chill out for a sec and recover… maybe for like 30 seconds, and then power it back up. Was completely drenched. Haven’t seen beads that big since, I started maybe? They were dripping off the bike like a slow dripping faucet. Tried to run after, hit the TM for 5 secs and knee was already talking: “fine.” Chose to go to the stairmill since that became my fav cardio about a month ago. Knee started out whispering, then it shut up after it realized it wasn’t as strenuous as it could be. Did 25 on that. Pretty sure my carbs were prob gone by that point. But went and grabbed 2 25s and did some crunches. I felt the burn this time for sure. Plates do the body gooooddd.  Overall felt spent (at the end). Felt good. Like I statused (yes, I did just do that), I felt like a beast! I didn’t want to leave, but, I knew my body was tired. Gotta listen to it!

Date: 01/09/2011
Training Session:
KB squats
SL DLs to push
wall sits
wall sits
wall sits
hanging knee ups

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Talking at a person who no longer exists.

Who are you?
How on earth did I let myself get to be this person?! Sometimes I look at this photo and all I can do is try to fight back the tears and I get so angry. SO angry. That I let myself get to be this big. And this isn't HUGE, when comparing to other people in this expansive population that this world contains. But for me? This IS big. Ugh! How depressing. How.... how sad to think that I used to walk around in this body. It's bothersome. It drives me mad. And to think, I was blissfully unaware that this was what I truly looked like. It's only now, that I have lost 60lbs, and I look at this photo of myself, do I truly see me for what I was. And Who I was, and the weight I carried. Its..... I just want to scream. And find a blown up photo of this person, and give it hell! Beat it up, just rip it to shreds. I told my trainer at one point, that I feel like I'm deleting this person. That I won't truly be able to flourish until she is completely gone. This person. Was the reason I had no confidence, I was insecure, and still am to this day because in the back of my mind, I still think like I did when I was her, even if I have these daily moments where my life is a dream. And I really AM doing it this time!! She needs to go away, and I wont stop until I see absolutely no trace of her, whatsoever.

Monday, January 3, 2011

WEEK 33 - Jan. 3

So, Week 33. Was exactly eventful in the ways of working out. I was at the gym Monday night, trainer tues, day off weds. trainer thurs and then Cabin til sunday where I did not do a lot of working out, but it was the end of the year and we were up there celebrating New Years. Now that I am back in town, I have a cold! Woot! haha. So, I'm going to kill this cold before I kill myself, at the gym. But, Considering. I stayed pretty damn close to on my diet. And I hope I didnt put myself too far off track. We shall see though! Anyway, these photos are a bit bigger than normal because I dont have my simple resizing program on this computer. But wanted to get the post up. So, anyway, I will recrop and resize the photos tomorrow when I get to work.