Monday, August 27, 2012

Still. Learning. To Live.

the mathematical equation,
the one that will solve my problem,
is missing a step.
this step will determine
how I live from this minute forward.
the missing step is simply,
a thought in my mind.
Sounds so simple.
so, so simple.
and in reality, and to anyone else, it is.
you can change your thought from one to another in an instant,
if you allow it to be.
so, what is my hold up?
what is stopping me?
I was at location a,
I am now at location e.
I had to go through b, c and d to get there though.
And even if no one I meet now knows that,
I know that.
And the knowledge that I went from A to E,
it should be the most empowering knowledge I have.
And it is.

You hold the power within,
to be who you want to be.
You're light is not on a dimmer,
its a switch: off? or on?
Shine? or Shadow?
I choose shine. 
I do shine.
I'm not the person I was at the beginning of my travels.
Through traveling you grow, and learn.
I am doing myself a disservice to not be who Ive become.
Its time to be her. 
And to love. 
And to learn. 
And to LIVE.