Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to remember.

Its been about 8ish months since my last post.  And while I dont have a reasonable explanation for this, it got to the point where everything I started to write, i couldnt figure out where I was going with it, or what I wanted to say.  To simplify, I lost the course, the path, I was on.  My goal in beginning to write again is to get back on track, figure out where I'm going from here.  Here being the point in which, yeah, I've lost all my weight, but what am I going to do to continue to inspire people??  For a long time, I couldnt answer that question.  And I'm not sure the "path" is any more clear than it was for the last 8 months.  But, I am dedicating to myself to getting back into inspiration mode!!! Dum dum dummmmm

I think one of the leading factors is that I feel I'm being pulled in many directions and fitness is not necessarily on the back burner, but its on a middle burner.  Life, does indeed, happen.  I'm currenting enrolled in the Nurses Aid Certification (NAC) program at Seattle Central CC, working on websites, working at my trainers studio as a cafe attendant and maintenance/cleaning awesome person, and still doing catering, which is picking up as wedding season comes back into season.  I also need to start volunteering anywhere I can that will take a nursing student.  You can only imagine how my schedule is.  And any chance i get downtime, I dont want to do much but sleep when I really need to study.  I may be getting burnt out so to speak.  But the very fact that I can say that I'm becoming burnt out is igniting my passion for fitness even more.  I'm almost annoyed that I have so much other stuff going on.  And that is fueling me back onto my original fitness path!

I have told my trainer she is going to start getting weekly photos from me as an extra accountability measure.  Just to ensure I'm staying the same if not lowering my body fat.  I'm currently fluxuating from 19-20%, back and forth, back and forth.  My near future goal is to start virtual training.  I havent locked in a monthly price yet, but it will be affordable for the average person.  I understand training is a luxury.  But I saw too many people come in for fitness orientations while I was working at 24hr fitness who cant afford it but are more driven than the people who can.  My goal is to help those people.  In any way I can.  I'm not a sales person.  I'm just a person who wants to help people live the dream i did.  The dream of dropping their weight, of gaining their muscle, of reaching their true potential and of waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and FINALLY being happy with what they see.  That is what I want.

More posts to come..... !!!