Monday, November 29, 2010

7 MONTHS! - Nov. 29

So, today is 7 months! I will say, I am so happy that I'm still on the right track with the right mindset and the will and determination I had when I started. I will also say, for those who didnt know, blizzard in Seattle over Sunday night. Two days of pain in the butt commuting, one travel day for thanksgiving in Florida :), Thanksgiving, and family time with no gym membership equaled not too much on the heart pumping workouts I love so much. My trained kicked my butt on Sunday and had me sore thru Thursday morning, and I actually did get to the gym yesterday (Sunday) with my mom at her gym for a small guest entrance fee. On a positive note, considering it was a holiday and i was with family and that meant eating out, a lot, i did keep my diet in check, as best I could. So, I am proud of myself for that! AND! It's 7 months! I cant wait to see what I feel like, or what it will feel like once I hit the year! I'm honestly married to this. When my trainer, ok, when Amanda :) told me what I should be eating to accomplish my goals I went out and ate all the bad food I could eat because the next day I was going to start in on a diet more strict than anything I had ever done. And I ate the same thing for 3.5 months. I had my bachelorette party, and then, I married my program. I think, that partly, that is why I've been successful this time. Because of that simple word I throw in when I think about this journey. "I'm married to it" Anyway! Here is MONTH SEVEN!!!!!

Ah!!! I posted with out the 7 month comparison! Not happy with month 7. Darn tgiving!!! Alright... here is the line up!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

WEEK 27 - Nov. 22

Well, week 27 has come and gone! Unfortunately, I feel as though currently I am on a crash and burn program. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just so busy right now, with work, and studying, and working out. I'm gone, on average, 12-14hrs a day. Get home, shower and study. Starting Monday's tired. I will say, once Dec. 9th has come and gone, I wont be able to rest, but once it has passed, I will most likely sleep for 2 days straight haha. Last week was good, again, with the gym and getting my work outs in! I'm not sure what is changing on me, but I think i still am losing, or gaining (muscle). We are taking measurements tomorrow. The ultimate truth! Hopefully I've done something! haha. I'm sure I have. Anyway, here is the photo!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I signed into my old youtube account. For whatever reason, I cant remember. And since I was signed into it, as I opened up my blogger, (for whatever reason, I cant remember)I was directed to my really old blog account that was attached to the same google user as my youtube account. The blog account I made to track my first weight loss attempt after moving to Seattle. I have been wanting to find a photo of me showing skin at my worse. For a few weeks now actually. Cause I thought it would be fun to compare. And when I started looking thru this blog, I forgot I was doing daily photo updates. In the same fashion I am now. I had my comparison photo. But as I looked through these photos, I got really sad. I got sad for the person in the photo. I thought I was happy back then, but if you look in my eyes, I dont look happy. It could be attributed to being tired. I do remember being fairly tired back then, I think. I dont even know. But, I got sad. The only time I smiled after discovering these photos was when I did the comparison line.... 195-175-140-ish. I say 140 though.

I texted my trainer, and told her about my discovery. I then confessed to a moment not too long ago where I got really angry at myself. I got angry because I feel guilt, for letting myself go. For giving up on myself. I mean, you grow up playing sports as I did, and being active, always in some sport or another. I would run everyday after school and my friends on the softball team at one point yelled to me to stop running cause I had been running for like 2hrs. An hour, whatever it was. But that wasnt uncommon. Not back then. I could play a basketball game, go straight to a soccer game, play all 90, and then go home and go for a 4mile run because i had a run during the soccer game where I felt like my legs were disconnecting from my body and i kicked the ball out. So, to get even, I went for a run. I mean, I could do that, piece of cake! To go from that, to what, nothing? Being a spectator? Anyway, I dont need to drag this out. I'm just thankful I rediscovered my old blog and can get the full range of change. :)

Here's the line:

Monday, November 15, 2010

WEEK 26 - Nov. 15

Last week went well again! I trained 2x and was at the gym 3x and had a work day at the cabin. Given I spent about 3-4hrs pressure washing, I still feel like I had a fairly active day (Note: Giving credit for doing something outside of the gym.... I see improvement!). I'm starting to realize the last little bit is going to take some work to shred off. But I like challenges, therefore I gladly accept, while saying "Give me your best shot!!" Life is getting crazy though. I spent all day Saturday at the cabin, and all day Sunday studying. I dont think my life will be any different until the exam is said and done. And when I say "done" i mean "passed". And to pass, well, I wont see anything but my work computer, the TV at the gym, or the inside of my book until the exam is here! I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving, and my mom asks me "Are you excited to come!?" And I reply "well, kinda, I know I'll spend the majority of my time studying, so I guess it will be nice to have the time off work to really focus on my studies!" Maybe I can find some way to incorporate sun bathing and studying. Maybe. Or something vacation-esque. Anyway, here's to another productive and satisfying week!!!

PHOTO TIME!!!! WOOO!!! haha

Monday, November 8, 2010

WEEK 25 - Nov. 8

Well, I will say, last week was one of my better weeks in awhile. I was at the gym almost everyday. I think I took a break on Wednesday. Busted my butt on cardio and then had my trainer drill me into the ground. I discovered my quads and hips need some work. They are fairly weak! Oh well, to be addressed, and corrected soon! Not only was it a good week on the exercise front, I had reason every day to view the world with baby eyes. With awe, and wonderment and excitement. The biggest of these moments was texting my trainer. Friday I had asked her if my stomach would always be more loose because there are times when it seems like its sags, so she checked my body fat % on Saturday because she said once I hit 18% we would be able to know better than now what my stomach was capable of. I was at Tully's studying when she told me I was at about 23.5% body fat. At first, I was slightly disappointed because on my first session with her, when we took measurements, she said my body fat was at about 29.5%. I felt that losing 6% body fat in 6 months wasn't anything too crazy and asked her if it was even considered an accomplishment. Well, she then decided to tell me that I had started at 36% body fat and had in fact lost 13% body fat. See, she said she is known to lie if the new client looks too depressed. Apparently I looked depressed. Anyway, needless to say, the study session was shot! All I could do was stare outside the window, trying to stop tears. I decided the only thing for me to do was to go to the gym. I intended to study after the gym but I wiped myself and went home and passed out! I am fairly happy with ALL aspects of this week!

Oh! And I tried on some American Eagle, size 28 jeans at Value Village, they were too big too be worth it to buy.... :D

On with the photos!

Monday, November 1, 2010

6 MONTHS - Nov. 1

Wow. I've been at this 6 months? Well, lets start with the short term re-cap. Last week I did a lot of walking. I had an AutoCAD class downtown and for our hour lunch, i generally spent it walking around town, briskly, as they call it :), but by the time night time rolled around, I was so brain dead by all the info I received I would just go to bed. I guess you can call that active, but I never count walking as exercise, even tho I should. I really am not making anymore excuses. I feel like I'm starting to see the change, so I think that I can slack off, and i may not be to anyone else, but to me? I'm definitely slacking off. For instance, yesterday I cleaned my apt for a total of 6hrs or so, 4hours in the morning and 2hours at night, technically that is working and burning calories, and if you put that in the livestrong exercise calorie tracker, its a total of 1000 or so calories expended, but I dont feel like I did anything because I wasnt at the gym sweating. Its gotta be about the sweat, I love the sweat, the increased heart rate. As I have said, that feeling? It's better than any med, or counselor, its the remedy for life's shit, as I said earlier today. 6 months. I did expect to be further along than this, but then again, In one year, i lost 55lbs. I guess I can give myself some credit for that, maybe just a lil bit :) I said it before, but I'm ready to haul ass again. I wont let myself go home until I hit the gym. Alright, well, here is the progress shot with the comparison line. Until I can figure out a better way to format it, there is going to be a giant white area in the comparison shot :-/ :P

And the comparison: