Friday, January 10, 2014

The last time.

I've had a giant wake up call. Long story short, a couple friends unsettled my core a little when they made a couple comments and it bogged me down, and I didn't even realize it. To think, you could be with someone who you are attracted too, and have that be just as important as their personality.... Well, that's vain.... Isn't it??? Jess goes on the defense. I used to be one of those people most wouldn't consider because of how I looked. I've always been a beautiful person... Someone who is a great friend. But not attractive. And now? I deserve to look and feel good!! This person? Is now this person (see images). And the person that I was??? Doesn't get to affect me anymore. She doesn't. She shouldn't have for this long. But I'm a late bloomer. It takes me a lil while longer to figure this life out. And that's fine. However frustrating, as long as I figure it out!! I lost my weight, because i couldn't handle seeing myself the way I was anymore. I am humbled by it. By all of it. But I can't let it affect me anymore. I can't. If there is something that still affects you.... Figure out what it is... And put it to rest. Live for each moment. Live for now. When asked what time it is? Say "Now".... When asked what you are? Say "This moment." Live and believe that. Cherish it. Always love those in your life. The ones who support you fully. The ones who know every element of your life and love you for all of it. #always