Monday, December 27, 2010

8 MONTHS - Dec. 27

HOLY 8 MONTHS!!! Haha! So, I will admit. This week, eh, was kinda slacky. I actually didnt see my trainer at all, (Christmas break) and I decided to give myself a few days off to get rested because I have been absolutely tired lately. Friday I went to the cabin, hauled some logs around for about an hour and a half. Saturday was Xmas and I practiced my jump roping for a good 45 minutes, and then Sunday I steadily (not non-stop) worked out for 2-3hrs. I did like 80 flights of stairs, burpees, jump squats, jumped rope. So, Sunday felt awesome! I woke up this morning and my feet were like "Damn you! No more jumping around!" haha. They were pretty sore. But, It was Christmas, and instead of splurging on food, I allowed myself to sleep. I slept, a lot over the holiday and that is good as well. This week, back on track, seeing my trainer tomorrow. And, actually, I may be lying about being back on track. I think I'm stealing away to my cabin for 4 days or so.

OH! I have an interview tomorrow at Allstar Fitness downtown! They are aware of my experience (aka just got certified), they are aware that I dont have experience in sales, but I have a story of my own transformation that made a friends jaw drop the other night, so, I think that is a good selling point for me :)

ANYWAY.... without further ado! This weeks and the monthly comparison line!!!!

And the monthly!

Monday, December 20, 2010

WEEK 31 - Dec. 20

Week 31... Week 31.... Oh! So, the diet change! It's been going well! I saw my trainer on Tuesday, and this is the one flaw in the diet, but I was so full that day, that all I had was a piece of bread before session @ 5pm and the meal i had before that was at 1pm! Needless to say, I worked out for a good 25 minutes, turned green, and sat down for 25. Good! I'm getting better with this whole full feeling. And am eating like normal again... Just a lot of chicken! Haha. I had to go on a poor man's diet for a couple days too. Ran out of chicken and ran out of cash, so it was protein powder.... for two days straight. Aye ya! Anyway, the workouts. I tried a couple different ones, 20 mins high resistance on the elliptical, and 20 mins high resistance on the bike.... Aye ya, my quads who were so sure of themselves last week were crying like new borns after 2 minutes of this exercise.

I got slightly frustrated with my progressive run routine. The point is to warm up for 10mins, then 6.0 for 10mins, 7.0 - 10mins, 8.0 - 5mins, 9.0 - 5mins and then as fast as I can for 2... welllllll.... my knee was talking during 7.0. So, I did the 7.0, and I jumped to 8.5 for 2 mins and then I ended that. Oh well. Another day!

Another cardio routine, bike for 15, lvl 12-18, run 6.0-8.5 for 15mins, x2. AKA, do that twice. And I did that routine on Thursday. Everything was feeling good! So is the life of a knee who is moody, bipolar.... actually. Now that I think about it, it can be closely related to that of a puppy. One day its a monster, and pain in the butt, a giant pill, and the next? Mellow, calm, sweet, innocent, puppy like! haha Anyway, sorry for the long post! Here is to Week 31 photos!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

WEEK 30 - Dec. 13th

Last week... Last week. Oh! Right! Last week was eventful, to say the least! It was stressful, for sure, I was preparing for my cert exam on Thursday all weekend and all week. Took time off of work to study study study. By the time the exam came I was so exhausted I didnt know what to do with myself! I drove my Dad and my trainer nuts on Wednesday just jabbering on about nothing important. Letting the stressed, crazy person grab ahold of my mind and control my thoughts. Haha. All said and done though, and i PASSED! What!? I'm still basically shocked by it. But! For study breaks, I would go to the gym, everyday and really gun it. It was good to escape that way. So, the workouts were good. I started a new program, basically. Harder cardio, different, more strict diet of broccoli, sweet potatoes, and chicken.... basically. And thats great! I dont care about food, as long as I'm getting the nutrients I need to achieve my goals, then I'm happy. I did have a "cheat" meal on Thursday (celebratory meal after passing my exam) of steak tacos from my favorite Seattle bar, Matador. If you live in the area, be sure to check it out. They have a ridiculous happy hour menu. Delicious food that fills for $4-5 (Happy Hour times: 4pm-6pm and 10pm-1am)! But, then I was on my diet. But anyway, I'm feeling talkative and sometimes my rambles are pointless :) On with the photos!

hhhmmmm I feel like my love handles look bigger. Being too critical? The waist of my shorts were prob higher than normal.

Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK 29 - Dec. 6

Week 29. Last week was..... great, actually :) My workouts were terrific, I saw my trainer 3x, and went to the gym 4, because for whatever reason, I went to the gym Friday night after have a midday training session. First time I had done a "2-a-day" and it actually felt good! I took Saturday completely off, and I attempted to jump rope on Sunday haha. I dont know where this kindergarten playground ability went, but I certainly lost it. I kept hitting my head with the rope, I think I almost fell about 5x.... ahhh it was good for laughs though! Speaking of laughing, the key to a good training session for me is laughing. I go into the gym (training studio), I get my butt kicked, I sweat, I laugh, I talk, I smile. Its the perfect remedy for my week! I think that is why I've become slightly addicted to it ("Geee! Ya think?!") And despite how mentally tired I am becoming from working and studying almost every waking hour, beside the 1.5hrs I allow myself to go to the gym as a study break, I am rather energetic! Here's to week 29!!!