Monday, September 27, 2010


Now that I think about it... FIVE months? That's almost half a year! WOOO! Ummm... that means I'm going to rip myself apart at the gym this week. Really get a good workout in everyday. I'll take a lil break, but will work thru to about 8 or 9, and then head to the gym on my way home and shred it. Esp since I'm not very happy with my transition from the 3rd month to the 4th month. It looks like i actually gained a bit :( I suppose it all depends where you have your waist of the bottoms you are wearing.

OH! And last night I went to study at a coffee shop without my binder on. My "compression tank top". It holds everything in. And what that means: I'm starting to not see the need for the binder. My sports bra keeps my chest flat enough and my love handles dont really show too much thru my shirt. So. Thats crazy though. I have needed to wear a binder for 3yrs. I've noticed that my stretch marks on my handles have not gone away. I wonder if they ever will. Anyway. my goal is by december to have my excess gone. Hopefully. I need to kick my ass though. And now that I'm working this schedule, I can get to the gym and get my ass kicking in easily. So. I'm feeling good about this actually! Woo! Love it!!

Alright. I think that was all I wanted to say. Soon, this will be posted.

WEEK 19 - Sept. 27

Week 19.... Aye ya! WTF! lol. Almost 5 months of this craziness! I love it though! This week. Didnt do cardio. Either the sprints I did on Sunday night last week were a bad idea or all of the diving ive been doing on the floor, has been a bad idea. (We have a puppy). Needless to say, my knee got irritated and swollen, so, I didnt do much to further aggravate it. Amanda has been kickin my butt though. And I'm about to head to the gym here in a couple hours to get some good cardio in. I started working 12hr days at my dads office, so it is allowable to take a break around 3 for a couple hours and then return and ya. That seems so pointless seeing that the gym is like 2 minutes from my house.... hmmmmmmmmm. I need to find a gym closer to this side. Anyway! Without further ado:

Monday, September 20, 2010

WEEK 18 - Sept 20

So, week 18! This week went MUCH better than the last few months. I only got to train once with my trainer, but I did 4 days of cardio. Back on the cardio train! choo choo!!! :) It feels good, my mood is better, i feel better, my energy is better, im going thru food like crazy! So, hopefully come December (my goal for getting rid of excess) I'll be able to well, take a photo, and show me without the "excess" :) It's a long road. My trainer told me I've come a long way. Well, I feel like I'm only half way there. Anyway, here is week 18!!

And for fun, Imma start to throw an arm shoulder shot in from time to time. I should have done that in the beginning! Dope!

Monday, September 13, 2010

WEEK 17 - Sept. 13

Well, i'm into my fourth month! My trainer told me that I need to be eating 1800 calories, and now that I have that in my head, im basically constantly hungry. Its slightly ridiculous! While I wasnt all over the cardio last week. I did go dancing, for a bit, on Saturday night. Not sure that really counts, did a lot of walking on Saturday as well. But! I got all my materials to become a trainer myself. So, I'm studying a lot. I need to figure out a solid schedule so that I can fit in adequate study time and cardio time. Both are equally as important now as I dont really feel comfortable training anyone if I dont look and play the part! The first chapter of my reading is on Human Anatomy and it basically spits out every word in the anatomical dictionary and expects you to remember them.... I take a page of notes per half page of reading lol. And I'm only on page 8. The first chapter that I need to have done by Friday is 55 pages long. Lol. I envision myself at a coffee shop for A LONG time tonight since its my day off. But I'm excited! The key to my happiness is here! Anyway, enough about career stuff. I'm not sure I care that much anymore about how tired I am, I will be at the gym. End of story. The progress shots should start to show more change, hopefully :)
Here's week 17!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 MONTHS - Sept 9

Sorry for the delayed post. We had a bit of a crazy, sad week. Anyway. So, still not working out as much as I want. I am still seeing Amanda, clearly. That wont stop. The big news of the week though, I'm actually waiting right now for my trainer certification study materials to be shipped to me! I met with the owner of a smaller gym really close to where I live actually about being apart of his "Street Team"... basically going around, handing out discounts, putting up flyers on telephone poles, etc. And then I mentioned I saw that he was also hiring for personal trainers, and he told me what to do, that he would give me an internship near the end of my course and then once I started getting toward the end of the internship, he would start to throw clients at me. I was slightly flabbergasted that it could be that set up. But, I'm super excited! I havent done a weigh in in a long time. Maybe today. Amanda said we would probably this week. But I dont really want to know! It's probably only like 2lbs in 1.5 months. I need to work out my love handles. Once again, they are stopping me fro really feeling accomplished. Even though I do feel accomplished. So, these photos come to you from the hotel bathroom in Victoria before I plunged into the hot tub and sauna! 'Til next time! Aka, like 3 days now...ok.... 4 :)

And the 4 month comparison... sometimes I hate these cause it looks like i've gained some weight. but I cant tell!