Monday, December 27, 2010

8 MONTHS - Dec. 27

HOLY 8 MONTHS!!! Haha! So, I will admit. This week, eh, was kinda slacky. I actually didnt see my trainer at all, (Christmas break) and I decided to give myself a few days off to get rested because I have been absolutely tired lately. Friday I went to the cabin, hauled some logs around for about an hour and a half. Saturday was Xmas and I practiced my jump roping for a good 45 minutes, and then Sunday I steadily (not non-stop) worked out for 2-3hrs. I did like 80 flights of stairs, burpees, jump squats, jumped rope. So, Sunday felt awesome! I woke up this morning and my feet were like "Damn you! No more jumping around!" haha. They were pretty sore. But, It was Christmas, and instead of splurging on food, I allowed myself to sleep. I slept, a lot over the holiday and that is good as well. This week, back on track, seeing my trainer tomorrow. And, actually, I may be lying about being back on track. I think I'm stealing away to my cabin for 4 days or so.

OH! I have an interview tomorrow at Allstar Fitness downtown! They are aware of my experience (aka just got certified), they are aware that I dont have experience in sales, but I have a story of my own transformation that made a friends jaw drop the other night, so, I think that is a good selling point for me :)

ANYWAY.... without further ado! This weeks and the monthly comparison line!!!!

And the monthly!

Monday, December 20, 2010

WEEK 31 - Dec. 20

Week 31... Week 31.... Oh! So, the diet change! It's been going well! I saw my trainer on Tuesday, and this is the one flaw in the diet, but I was so full that day, that all I had was a piece of bread before session @ 5pm and the meal i had before that was at 1pm! Needless to say, I worked out for a good 25 minutes, turned green, and sat down for 25. Good! I'm getting better with this whole full feeling. And am eating like normal again... Just a lot of chicken! Haha. I had to go on a poor man's diet for a couple days too. Ran out of chicken and ran out of cash, so it was protein powder.... for two days straight. Aye ya! Anyway, the workouts. I tried a couple different ones, 20 mins high resistance on the elliptical, and 20 mins high resistance on the bike.... Aye ya, my quads who were so sure of themselves last week were crying like new borns after 2 minutes of this exercise.

I got slightly frustrated with my progressive run routine. The point is to warm up for 10mins, then 6.0 for 10mins, 7.0 - 10mins, 8.0 - 5mins, 9.0 - 5mins and then as fast as I can for 2... welllllll.... my knee was talking during 7.0. So, I did the 7.0, and I jumped to 8.5 for 2 mins and then I ended that. Oh well. Another day!

Another cardio routine, bike for 15, lvl 12-18, run 6.0-8.5 for 15mins, x2. AKA, do that twice. And I did that routine on Thursday. Everything was feeling good! So is the life of a knee who is moody, bipolar.... actually. Now that I think about it, it can be closely related to that of a puppy. One day its a monster, and pain in the butt, a giant pill, and the next? Mellow, calm, sweet, innocent, puppy like! haha Anyway, sorry for the long post! Here is to Week 31 photos!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

WEEK 30 - Dec. 13th

Last week... Last week. Oh! Right! Last week was eventful, to say the least! It was stressful, for sure, I was preparing for my cert exam on Thursday all weekend and all week. Took time off of work to study study study. By the time the exam came I was so exhausted I didnt know what to do with myself! I drove my Dad and my trainer nuts on Wednesday just jabbering on about nothing important. Letting the stressed, crazy person grab ahold of my mind and control my thoughts. Haha. All said and done though, and i PASSED! What!? I'm still basically shocked by it. But! For study breaks, I would go to the gym, everyday and really gun it. It was good to escape that way. So, the workouts were good. I started a new program, basically. Harder cardio, different, more strict diet of broccoli, sweet potatoes, and chicken.... basically. And thats great! I dont care about food, as long as I'm getting the nutrients I need to achieve my goals, then I'm happy. I did have a "cheat" meal on Thursday (celebratory meal after passing my exam) of steak tacos from my favorite Seattle bar, Matador. If you live in the area, be sure to check it out. They have a ridiculous happy hour menu. Delicious food that fills for $4-5 (Happy Hour times: 4pm-6pm and 10pm-1am)! But, then I was on my diet. But anyway, I'm feeling talkative and sometimes my rambles are pointless :) On with the photos!

hhhmmmm I feel like my love handles look bigger. Being too critical? The waist of my shorts were prob higher than normal.

Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK 29 - Dec. 6

Week 29. Last week was..... great, actually :) My workouts were terrific, I saw my trainer 3x, and went to the gym 4, because for whatever reason, I went to the gym Friday night after have a midday training session. First time I had done a "2-a-day" and it actually felt good! I took Saturday completely off, and I attempted to jump rope on Sunday haha. I dont know where this kindergarten playground ability went, but I certainly lost it. I kept hitting my head with the rope, I think I almost fell about 5x.... ahhh it was good for laughs though! Speaking of laughing, the key to a good training session for me is laughing. I go into the gym (training studio), I get my butt kicked, I sweat, I laugh, I talk, I smile. Its the perfect remedy for my week! I think that is why I've become slightly addicted to it ("Geee! Ya think?!") And despite how mentally tired I am becoming from working and studying almost every waking hour, beside the 1.5hrs I allow myself to go to the gym as a study break, I am rather energetic! Here's to week 29!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

7 MONTHS! - Nov. 29

So, today is 7 months! I will say, I am so happy that I'm still on the right track with the right mindset and the will and determination I had when I started. I will also say, for those who didnt know, blizzard in Seattle over Sunday night. Two days of pain in the butt commuting, one travel day for thanksgiving in Florida :), Thanksgiving, and family time with no gym membership equaled not too much on the heart pumping workouts I love so much. My trained kicked my butt on Sunday and had me sore thru Thursday morning, and I actually did get to the gym yesterday (Sunday) with my mom at her gym for a small guest entrance fee. On a positive note, considering it was a holiday and i was with family and that meant eating out, a lot, i did keep my diet in check, as best I could. So, I am proud of myself for that! AND! It's 7 months! I cant wait to see what I feel like, or what it will feel like once I hit the year! I'm honestly married to this. When my trainer, ok, when Amanda :) told me what I should be eating to accomplish my goals I went out and ate all the bad food I could eat because the next day I was going to start in on a diet more strict than anything I had ever done. And I ate the same thing for 3.5 months. I had my bachelorette party, and then, I married my program. I think, that partly, that is why I've been successful this time. Because of that simple word I throw in when I think about this journey. "I'm married to it" Anyway! Here is MONTH SEVEN!!!!!

Ah!!! I posted with out the 7 month comparison! Not happy with month 7. Darn tgiving!!! Alright... here is the line up!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

WEEK 27 - Nov. 22

Well, week 27 has come and gone! Unfortunately, I feel as though currently I am on a crash and burn program. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just so busy right now, with work, and studying, and working out. I'm gone, on average, 12-14hrs a day. Get home, shower and study. Starting Monday's tired. I will say, once Dec. 9th has come and gone, I wont be able to rest, but once it has passed, I will most likely sleep for 2 days straight haha. Last week was good, again, with the gym and getting my work outs in! I'm not sure what is changing on me, but I think i still am losing, or gaining (muscle). We are taking measurements tomorrow. The ultimate truth! Hopefully I've done something! haha. I'm sure I have. Anyway, here is the photo!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I signed into my old youtube account. For whatever reason, I cant remember. And since I was signed into it, as I opened up my blogger, (for whatever reason, I cant remember)I was directed to my really old blog account that was attached to the same google user as my youtube account. The blog account I made to track my first weight loss attempt after moving to Seattle. I have been wanting to find a photo of me showing skin at my worse. For a few weeks now actually. Cause I thought it would be fun to compare. And when I started looking thru this blog, I forgot I was doing daily photo updates. In the same fashion I am now. I had my comparison photo. But as I looked through these photos, I got really sad. I got sad for the person in the photo. I thought I was happy back then, but if you look in my eyes, I dont look happy. It could be attributed to being tired. I do remember being fairly tired back then, I think. I dont even know. But, I got sad. The only time I smiled after discovering these photos was when I did the comparison line.... 195-175-140-ish. I say 140 though.

I texted my trainer, and told her about my discovery. I then confessed to a moment not too long ago where I got really angry at myself. I got angry because I feel guilt, for letting myself go. For giving up on myself. I mean, you grow up playing sports as I did, and being active, always in some sport or another. I would run everyday after school and my friends on the softball team at one point yelled to me to stop running cause I had been running for like 2hrs. An hour, whatever it was. But that wasnt uncommon. Not back then. I could play a basketball game, go straight to a soccer game, play all 90, and then go home and go for a 4mile run because i had a run during the soccer game where I felt like my legs were disconnecting from my body and i kicked the ball out. So, to get even, I went for a run. I mean, I could do that, piece of cake! To go from that, to what, nothing? Being a spectator? Anyway, I dont need to drag this out. I'm just thankful I rediscovered my old blog and can get the full range of change. :)

Here's the line:

Monday, November 15, 2010

WEEK 26 - Nov. 15

Last week went well again! I trained 2x and was at the gym 3x and had a work day at the cabin. Given I spent about 3-4hrs pressure washing, I still feel like I had a fairly active day (Note: Giving credit for doing something outside of the gym.... I see improvement!). I'm starting to realize the last little bit is going to take some work to shred off. But I like challenges, therefore I gladly accept, while saying "Give me your best shot!!" Life is getting crazy though. I spent all day Saturday at the cabin, and all day Sunday studying. I dont think my life will be any different until the exam is said and done. And when I say "done" i mean "passed". And to pass, well, I wont see anything but my work computer, the TV at the gym, or the inside of my book until the exam is here! I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving, and my mom asks me "Are you excited to come!?" And I reply "well, kinda, I know I'll spend the majority of my time studying, so I guess it will be nice to have the time off work to really focus on my studies!" Maybe I can find some way to incorporate sun bathing and studying. Maybe. Or something vacation-esque. Anyway, here's to another productive and satisfying week!!!

PHOTO TIME!!!! WOOO!!! haha

Monday, November 8, 2010

WEEK 25 - Nov. 8

Well, I will say, last week was one of my better weeks in awhile. I was at the gym almost everyday. I think I took a break on Wednesday. Busted my butt on cardio and then had my trainer drill me into the ground. I discovered my quads and hips need some work. They are fairly weak! Oh well, to be addressed, and corrected soon! Not only was it a good week on the exercise front, I had reason every day to view the world with baby eyes. With awe, and wonderment and excitement. The biggest of these moments was texting my trainer. Friday I had asked her if my stomach would always be more loose because there are times when it seems like its sags, so she checked my body fat % on Saturday because she said once I hit 18% we would be able to know better than now what my stomach was capable of. I was at Tully's studying when she told me I was at about 23.5% body fat. At first, I was slightly disappointed because on my first session with her, when we took measurements, she said my body fat was at about 29.5%. I felt that losing 6% body fat in 6 months wasn't anything too crazy and asked her if it was even considered an accomplishment. Well, she then decided to tell me that I had started at 36% body fat and had in fact lost 13% body fat. See, she said she is known to lie if the new client looks too depressed. Apparently I looked depressed. Anyway, needless to say, the study session was shot! All I could do was stare outside the window, trying to stop tears. I decided the only thing for me to do was to go to the gym. I intended to study after the gym but I wiped myself and went home and passed out! I am fairly happy with ALL aspects of this week!

Oh! And I tried on some American Eagle, size 28 jeans at Value Village, they were too big too be worth it to buy.... :D

On with the photos!

Monday, November 1, 2010

6 MONTHS - Nov. 1

Wow. I've been at this 6 months? Well, lets start with the short term re-cap. Last week I did a lot of walking. I had an AutoCAD class downtown and for our hour lunch, i generally spent it walking around town, briskly, as they call it :), but by the time night time rolled around, I was so brain dead by all the info I received I would just go to bed. I guess you can call that active, but I never count walking as exercise, even tho I should. I really am not making anymore excuses. I feel like I'm starting to see the change, so I think that I can slack off, and i may not be to anyone else, but to me? I'm definitely slacking off. For instance, yesterday I cleaned my apt for a total of 6hrs or so, 4hours in the morning and 2hours at night, technically that is working and burning calories, and if you put that in the livestrong exercise calorie tracker, its a total of 1000 or so calories expended, but I dont feel like I did anything because I wasnt at the gym sweating. Its gotta be about the sweat, I love the sweat, the increased heart rate. As I have said, that feeling? It's better than any med, or counselor, its the remedy for life's shit, as I said earlier today. 6 months. I did expect to be further along than this, but then again, In one year, i lost 55lbs. I guess I can give myself some credit for that, maybe just a lil bit :) I said it before, but I'm ready to haul ass again. I wont let myself go home until I hit the gym. Alright, well, here is the progress shot with the comparison line. Until I can figure out a better way to format it, there is going to be a giant white area in the comparison shot :-/ :P

And the comparison:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What my trick is:

I got a text today from a friend who was asking for a workout program for a friend who weighs what I used too. And I decided, you know what. Why not tell people what I have actually been doing. Here is the story of my fitness journey:

Back in May, I attended a wedding in Florida. After reconnecting with some friends I hadnt seen in awhile, i came home and talked to one on Facebook, which I revealed to them that I basically wasnt happy with the way I looked, and all of that, and in the end, she basically said "well, what are you doing about it?!" A couple days later, I went and played pool with a co-worker. He asked me why I wasnt dating and I explained I wasnt really confident in certain aspects of what is involved when you start dating someone. And he basically said "Well, what are you doing about it?!" And, then, that was it.

I signed up at 24hr Fitness Downtown and met with my yes-man. Yes-woman, really. Ever since my second knee injury, I was told i wouldnt be able to ski again, or really be active in any real sport. They even said golf would be tough on my knee due to the jerking around. Sitting down with her, she said, that I would be able to run again, and maybe even ski by the winter, depending on how dedicated I was, and technically, I probably could be playing soccer right now, but I'll wait til next year. She told me what I should be eating, and we started in on a work out program.

I'll admit, after meeting with her, I went out and ate REALLY bad, I got one of those doughnut packs, ate it. Went home, made a nasty grilled cheese with extra cheese, ate it, had ice cream. I felt full and gross. The next day I started in on my diet that I followed VERY strictly for a good 3.5months or so. This is what those 3.5 months consisted of.

2 Egg Whites
1 Egg Yolk
1 Med. Sized Banana
1/2 Cup Oatmeal with Cinnamon

Omega Bar or
90 Cal. Kellogg's Bar or
Any Sports Bar under 200 Cals

1/2 Cup Brown Rice
3-4oz of Chicken

Omega Bar or
90 Cal. Kellogg's Bar or
Any Sports Bar under 200 Cals

1/2 Cup Brown Rice
3-4oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Brocolli

Total: Roughly 1300 Calories

I later found out this calorie intake was actually pretty low, but I followed this diet religiously for 3.5 months. Once I found out I should ahve been eating more all along I started to follow a fairly strict regime but I am more focused on eating good, and calorie counting (To see my daily calorie intake:

I would work out with my trainer 2x a week, on Tuesday and Sunday, and I did about 4 days of cardio, on my own. Never leaving without being drenched by sweat. The cardio routines I was assigned at first was:

Cardio #1:
Treadmill -
10 minutes @ 3.6 mph @ 4.0 incline
10 minutes @ 4.0 mph @ 6.0 incline
10 minutes @ 3.6 mph @ 10.0 incline

Cardio #2:
Stairmill -
10 minutes @ level 6
10 minutes @ level 8
Treadmill -
10 minutes @ 4.0 mph @ 8.0 incline

Cardio #3:
10 minutes bike - @ 90rpm @ level 9
10 minutes stairmill @ level 8
5 minutes rower @ 29 spm & 2:10 tempo

Cardio #4:
Arc Trainer -
10 minutes @ level 25 @ 100 spm
10 minutes @ level 35 @ 90 spm
10 minutes @ level 45 @ 85-90 spm

Anyway, it was fairly modest, but hard for me since it had been so long since I had worked out. My heart was a lil shocked at first, it eventually got used to it and I could handle more strenuous cardio assignments. The first time I ran on a treadmill I just about started crying. It was the 4th of July and my trainer had emailed me some strength routines because she was out of town, and at the end told me to be brave and try some running. Well, first time I did 5 minutes, and my knee started to talk, and then I did 11 minutes, and then, the next day I did 35 minutes! Given it was at a 12 minute mile pace, it was still a very joyous occassion for me! My knee talked to me the next day though, and strapped me to the chair and asked me what i did to it! But, I didnt really care. And after that I basically would do a 10 min warm up on the bike, Lvl 9 at 90+ RPMs, and then I would hit the Arc Trainer for 10 mins. The Arc Trainer is basically a longer stride elliptical, has absolutely no impact so it was a good way to warm up my muscles and then I would hit the treadmill and do a 10 min mile. I did that until I felt pretty confident I could increase the belt speed. And then eventually I started doing the Arc for 10 mins and then 20 min running. I currently have more cardio assignments that mix it up a bit more. I told my trainer that I was doing 30 mins of running and a lil over 3 miles, and so she sat down, pulled out a piece of paper, handed it to me while saying "I'm sorry, here." haha.

The key to success in losing weight is dedication, motivation, inspiration, and the knowledge that you CAN and you WILL acheive your goals. Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." And I really, really, believe that. You have to want the change though. For me, I was beyond ready for it, so while some people would miss the variations in food that you are used to enjoying, i found it easy because i would say "The way I'll look, the weight im losing, is better than the taste of that burger, or that slice of pizza". I even know people who dont like working out because it hurts. You know what I think? I love the hurt. It tells me I'm actually doing something about my weight and if I continue to hurt, or burn, the fat will continue to fall off me. I get obsessed with the burn. As Arnold said, the "pump". I push myself as hard as I can go on cardio, and tell my trainer when I need my ass kicked. Im not stupid though, if my knee is bothering me, I get off the treadmill and go do a low to no impact machine like the elliptical or the arc trainer. But I dont go home.

Now, the question you have to ask.

What are you willing to do to see the change you want?
What sacrifices are you willing to take?

And in the end, those things that seem like hell to give up? You wont even want them anymore. Yeah, I get cravings from time to time. But I always remind myself of what I really want, what is really important to me. And that craving runs away with its tail between its legs.

You have to make yourself impenetrable. You have to have strong resolve. And then? Then? You can do ANYTHING you set your mind too.

Cheers :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

WEEK 23 - Oct 25

So, here I am at Week 23. I probably wont go into too much detail about the events of last week. A lot of people came in town. Well, not a lot, two, but even still, ok, wait, three people, and I enjoyed their company. Not a lot, but it made me avoid the gym. This week, I am attending an autocad class downtown, and since im poor, and a bike commuter this week. I'll be riding a lil over an hour everyday. Except maybe tomorrow, where I will get my ass kicked, and then expect to ride? hmmm.... I may pass. :) I will say one thing..... my love handles are persistent. :) Anyway, here is weeeeekkk 23!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

WEEK 22 - Oct. 18

Here we are at 5.5 months. Last week was a lil crippled since I didnt get home til late every night. I only got 3 workouts in. But yesterday, according to, i burned 1300 calories! I walked around town for 2 hours doing marketing, and then I went and did some hip ad/abductor workouts, 3x100 @ 40lbs. and then I went to my other gym (yes, I currently have access to 3 gyms :)....) and did the stairmill for 25 minutes, and ran for 10. That was a very good day! This week the gym will be seen much more as I dont have to be here late anymore except for what I work. I really do miss it when I cant kill myself on cardio. I know a lot of people who dont like cardio. I love it, I love strength.... i love it all :) Anyway, photo update :)

And I stared at this photo for like 10 minutes last night. :)

And why not, another arm shot :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

WEEK 21 - Oct. 11

So.. Week 21. Overall am pleased, I think i saw the gym.... 5-6x. My knee was slightly cranky in the beginning of the week so I gave it the weekend off, (somewhat), probably wont do any running tonight, but will work it on the bike today as Amanda has assigned. Oh! I attempted to climb the rope yesterday. Only using upper body. Thats tough! But now I get the drive and the challenge in the rope. Because now im like "one day, I will climb you" I think i did only like 3 hand over hands before i realized I couldnt move anymore. Cause when you are climbing the rope, you gotta pull your elbow into your side to get anywhere, and if you cant do that you dont move. I'm probably around 142-ish right now, but that dont mean I can get up that rope! What I do know, is that if you asked me 6 months ago to climb the rope I would have just looked at you and told you you were crazy. So, there is improvement... :P Anyway, on with photog-ish-time. :D

And a close up for shits and giggles :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

5 MONTHS - Oct. 4th

Holy hell. It's five months. And I have changed, a lot. I'm on the boat of working out a lot again. I'm so happy. It's great! I'm happy with my shot from yesterday. I actually looked at the close up for 10 minutes after I took it. It's becoming real. I think. I was talking to my mom. I told her "I've been overweight for years, and when I look in the mirror now, I'm starting to realize that that is me, and I dont ever want to go back to where I was before." And I'm not sure how far away I am from my goal. Well, my goal before i set a new one. And in case I've never mentioned it, I want to see the opposite side of the spectrum. I want minimal fat. I want to be strong. I want my love handles gone and I want my inner thighs gone. And I think, in the near future, I should be seeing those items come to life. I'm so excited! Anyway, here are the photos with the 5 month comparison.

5 Month Comparison:

Monday, September 27, 2010


Now that I think about it... FIVE months? That's almost half a year! WOOO! Ummm... that means I'm going to rip myself apart at the gym this week. Really get a good workout in everyday. I'll take a lil break, but will work thru to about 8 or 9, and then head to the gym on my way home and shred it. Esp since I'm not very happy with my transition from the 3rd month to the 4th month. It looks like i actually gained a bit :( I suppose it all depends where you have your waist of the bottoms you are wearing.

OH! And last night I went to study at a coffee shop without my binder on. My "compression tank top". It holds everything in. And what that means: I'm starting to not see the need for the binder. My sports bra keeps my chest flat enough and my love handles dont really show too much thru my shirt. So. Thats crazy though. I have needed to wear a binder for 3yrs. I've noticed that my stretch marks on my handles have not gone away. I wonder if they ever will. Anyway. my goal is by december to have my excess gone. Hopefully. I need to kick my ass though. And now that I'm working this schedule, I can get to the gym and get my ass kicking in easily. So. I'm feeling good about this actually! Woo! Love it!!

Alright. I think that was all I wanted to say. Soon, this will be posted.

WEEK 19 - Sept. 27

Week 19.... Aye ya! WTF! lol. Almost 5 months of this craziness! I love it though! This week. Didnt do cardio. Either the sprints I did on Sunday night last week were a bad idea or all of the diving ive been doing on the floor, has been a bad idea. (We have a puppy). Needless to say, my knee got irritated and swollen, so, I didnt do much to further aggravate it. Amanda has been kickin my butt though. And I'm about to head to the gym here in a couple hours to get some good cardio in. I started working 12hr days at my dads office, so it is allowable to take a break around 3 for a couple hours and then return and ya. That seems so pointless seeing that the gym is like 2 minutes from my house.... hmmmmmmmmm. I need to find a gym closer to this side. Anyway! Without further ado:

Monday, September 20, 2010

WEEK 18 - Sept 20

So, week 18! This week went MUCH better than the last few months. I only got to train once with my trainer, but I did 4 days of cardio. Back on the cardio train! choo choo!!! :) It feels good, my mood is better, i feel better, my energy is better, im going thru food like crazy! So, hopefully come December (my goal for getting rid of excess) I'll be able to well, take a photo, and show me without the "excess" :) It's a long road. My trainer told me I've come a long way. Well, I feel like I'm only half way there. Anyway, here is week 18!!

And for fun, Imma start to throw an arm shoulder shot in from time to time. I should have done that in the beginning! Dope!

Monday, September 13, 2010

WEEK 17 - Sept. 13

Well, i'm into my fourth month! My trainer told me that I need to be eating 1800 calories, and now that I have that in my head, im basically constantly hungry. Its slightly ridiculous! While I wasnt all over the cardio last week. I did go dancing, for a bit, on Saturday night. Not sure that really counts, did a lot of walking on Saturday as well. But! I got all my materials to become a trainer myself. So, I'm studying a lot. I need to figure out a solid schedule so that I can fit in adequate study time and cardio time. Both are equally as important now as I dont really feel comfortable training anyone if I dont look and play the part! The first chapter of my reading is on Human Anatomy and it basically spits out every word in the anatomical dictionary and expects you to remember them.... I take a page of notes per half page of reading lol. And I'm only on page 8. The first chapter that I need to have done by Friday is 55 pages long. Lol. I envision myself at a coffee shop for A LONG time tonight since its my day off. But I'm excited! The key to my happiness is here! Anyway, enough about career stuff. I'm not sure I care that much anymore about how tired I am, I will be at the gym. End of story. The progress shots should start to show more change, hopefully :)
Here's week 17!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 MONTHS - Sept 9

Sorry for the delayed post. We had a bit of a crazy, sad week. Anyway. So, still not working out as much as I want. I am still seeing Amanda, clearly. That wont stop. The big news of the week though, I'm actually waiting right now for my trainer certification study materials to be shipped to me! I met with the owner of a smaller gym really close to where I live actually about being apart of his "Street Team"... basically going around, handing out discounts, putting up flyers on telephone poles, etc. And then I mentioned I saw that he was also hiring for personal trainers, and he told me what to do, that he would give me an internship near the end of my course and then once I started getting toward the end of the internship, he would start to throw clients at me. I was slightly flabbergasted that it could be that set up. But, I'm super excited! I havent done a weigh in in a long time. Maybe today. Amanda said we would probably this week. But I dont really want to know! It's probably only like 2lbs in 1.5 months. I need to work out my love handles. Once again, they are stopping me fro really feeling accomplished. Even though I do feel accomplished. So, these photos come to you from the hotel bathroom in Victoria before I plunged into the hot tub and sauna! 'Til next time! Aka, like 3 days now...ok.... 4 :)

And the 4 month comparison... sometimes I hate these cause it looks like i've gained some weight. but I cant tell!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WEEK 15 - Aug 31

Yes, it is Tuesday and I'm posting. The top photos are from Sunday and the bottom photo is from Saturday. I felt that the lighting captured my stomach better in the bottom photo. So, thats why I included it.

My motivation has slightly shifted. I've been doing a lot more exercising lately. I worked on my upper body twice yesterday and I've been doing core exercises on my bosu ball with much more frequency than I have in the last month or so. Maybe even more. I did tricep dips until burnout (about 30 reps) three times, same thing with push ups, (3x30) and 15lb bicep curls (3x30) twice yesterday. When I was doing the curls, my veins started to pop all over my arms and hands.... in some sick way, it kinda turned me on.... haha. On the bosu ball I totaled out at about 150 each for front and both side sit ups. Thats not a lot, but with proper form and doing 3x50, it starts to burn after 30 for me at this point. So, that will be working up.

I posted to my facebook status last night that "i feel like im being rocky-fied" And honestly, I have a different fire burning. My trainer says she is notorious for being a lot stronger than she looks. It can be a good thing to be training with her. Well, it is most definitely a good thing to be training with her. But she'll have me pumping the iron soon and I at least wont be those ladies.... AKA half man - woman, with giant builds :) I'm ready for it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

WEEK 14 - Aug. 23

Woah blurry. Oh well! So I mess up one photo along the way! Hmm... still not getting to the gym nearly enough. I did pull 70hrs, legitimately, this last week. 5 doubles in a row and just tired. So, I trained three times with Amanda and had a few active nights at the restaurant. But no real dedicated cardio time. I am definitely getting more and more into the research of how and what I need to do to get the right certifications etc, to be a trainer, and then I can blow the popsicle stand on the restaurant and train and CAD it up! One day soon.... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WEEK 13 - Aug. 17

This week has been OK. haha. I read the scale on Friday and found out I lost 30lbs! It said 145. I'm going to guess if I hopped on the scale right now, it would not. Ian (my brother) came in town on Saturday, and met up with him and had some drinks, had some drinks last night with my co-worker. It is inscribed in my mind now that: Drinks = Calories = Weight Gain = 2lbs for a drink. Well maybe not that severe. And maybe with my metabolism doing fairly well its not a big deal anymore. Also for the fact I'm always hyped up on caffeine now.... and again. It sucks. But, like I've said, life is too busy right now to go without it. Unfortunate, but how it goes :( I have plans to decrease the amount I work, but who knows when that will actually happen :( Anyway! It seems like im complaining a lot, but Life is good, im doing well! I have training today, which i always look forward too. Took yesterday off from the gym. Its so hot in my apt that i couldnt sleep well Sunday night and was fairly tired. I'm tired today as well. Maybe its just an off week. And its hot. But beautiful weather! Anyway! Here is the WEEK 13!!! Wow! photos!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Upper-Arm Flab

Not really. But there is a conveniently placed mirror where I change into and out of my swimsuit when I go to layout on my lunch break and i was bending over today, and the flab from the front of my stomach really reminded me of the extra skin that hangs down from older people's tricep area.... lol. Thought that was humorous. But, that also means that there is not a lot left! So.... I've decided. Tired or not, im going to power through another month or two of crazy exercising. Currently I'm not getting in as much as I would hope because of the fact that I'm very tired lately. Its no fun! But, power through it. Really try to breathe and rest on my days off, and get rid of the last bit! I'm starting to get excited and feel good about myself and the progress i've made when I look in the mirror and see not much is still there. It's go time! I have a mix that should help with this, actually! Not sure its recommending, but definitely gives you that extra pump and with a bosu ball at home now, I can wake up and do my core workout! Awwwww shibby! :P

Beautiful day, maybe I should go for a run. Wait! Dope! Can't run far on concrete yet! :( Till next time! AKA in three days! Ciao!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 MONTHS - Wed, Aug 11

So, this post is a couple days late. The photos are from Monday. I've been quite busy the beginning of the week! Overall feeling after this last month is slightly unsatisfying. My work schedule went CRAZY and I have been working so much! I've figured out a schedule to get 10 minutes of stretching and about 30 minutes of cardio in a day. While I'm happy I have that time, Im used to taking my time, spending 2hrs at the gym. Really taking my time, and making sure to get a long, hard, good workout in! I will say that I did still make some progress in the last month though. So I cant be completely unsatisfied. Hopefully I will figure something out so I can make even more progress this month! Well, my last weigh in with Amanda was a few weeks ago, and I was at 151. I'm not even sure what I weigh right now. Anyway, here is this weeks followed by the 3 month, before-1st month-2nd month-3rd month photo!

And the 3 month comparison:

I will say, those pants in the 3rd month are size 31. Pretty tough to keep them up!
My cat also felt like hopping in for the photo! Meet Roxy!!!

See you all next week!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

WEEK 11 - Mon, Aug. 2

Well, this last week was pretty tough. I only made it to the gym three times, and two of those three were with my trainer. I'm working 65-70hrs a week now and I am finding i need to save any spare energy I got. I plan to go today before my restaurant shift. We shall see what I can cook up tomorrow. And wednesday, if I can at least get the beginning of the week in, I have Thursday night off, be a total rest day. I see my trainer on Friday this week. I have to find a way to keep my energy through Wednesday. That is key. I think. Yesterday I got some good sleep in too! Anyway, today as I was cropping and resizing, I do see a change. I hold my eyes to be blind so that I dont give up on my journey to complete fitness. And today, I allowed myself to see change. Almost to the point I want to send my photos to my trainer. But I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I would love to think that I'm not self conscious anymore. Soon, I'll show them around! Anyway, here is the photo update for Week 11!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

WEEK 10 - Mon, July 26

Well, the last couple weeks have been challenging. I have been working 70hrs a week and that leaves little to know time to get to the gym at all because by the time i get done with work, I'm to tired to go and put an hour of cardio in. But, i'm still managing somehow to keep shedding. We did a weigh in on Tuesday. I came up as 152, but i had my shoes one and I'm going to blame the extra two pounds on the shoes! Lol. I got a bit burnt on Saturday so that is why my color is so different! Lol! Anyway, here is Week 10!! (Mind you i'm on the phone, the facial expression in the first photo is classic! lol!)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So i dont seem like such a hard ass. I can never admit that im proud or i notice a change in myself when the person wants me to because then it gives me reason to 'celebrate' AKA, lose focus. But I thought i would write this down.

-The shape of my hands are becoming more defined.
-My fingers are thinner.
-My neck, is thinner.
-The hump on my back has decreased in size.
-More veins are becoming visible.
-My collar bones, are starting to show.
-My upper leg, when held up, looks MUCH thinner.
-I can see where my shoulder ends and my tri/bicep begins.
-My love handles feel smaller, but look the same.
-The front flab of my stomach isn't quite as plentiful as before.
-I feel like my face has changed, but im not sure.
-It's becoming increasingly harder for me to form a double chin.
-I started at a size 34, and am now struggling to keep up a size 31.
-My arms, when flexed, feel more firm.
-I can see the different muscles on the side view of my lower leg.
-I was stretching last night and looking in the mirror at my legs, yeah, they are definitely more defined... lol
-My energy, when rested, is 10x higher than it ever has been.
-I think in general, my body is becoming more defined.

So, i have admited to this at this stage. But that does not mean there is no more to gain. I have A LOT more to gain. Am I proud of myself? Sometimes im so overwhelmed i start to cry. But, I get right back into the mind set that I still have SO much yet to achieve! I can't back down now. It would be the death of me.


Monday, July 19, 2010

WEEK 9 - Mon, July 19th

Well, week 9. I weighed in since its been like 2.5 weeks since i last weighed in and havent taken my measurements in like a month. And the scale read back to me "149.6" I started to quietly cry. Didnt want to embarrass myself at the gym. I feel like I'm shedding off all the years i didnt think i could be active. Or i wanted to, but allowed my time to be filled with other things. It's a big deal! Pics:

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 MONTHS - Mon, July 12

Well, here we are. 2 Months in!!! Still feelin good and i have finally put into place some real attainable goals!

Goal Weight: 135-140lbs... give or take what my muscles weigh.
End of Year 1 Goal: Run a 1/2 marathon
Complete the Seattle-to-Portland bike ride. Only 200 miles!
5 Year Goal: Compete and complete an Ironman triathlon!

Here are the weeks photos and then the comparison of starting - 1st month - 2 month marks!

And the 2 month comparison!

Monday, July 5, 2010

WEEK 7 - Monday, July 5th

So. This week has been fairly monumental for me. I found myself fighting back some tears a few times actually! Not only did i discover that I could run for 35mins with really no complications, I cheated, and weighed in. On Saturday, I was 155.4. AKA I have lost 20lbs since starting on my fitness journey. And I've been running everytime I go to the gym now. Just because it feels so good to be able to do that again. I found myself thinking last night.... well, i wasnt really thinking about it at all, it was just a random thought that popped into my head. And that was, "how the heck am i running and not experiencing any consequences from it?!" Anyway, with that being said, here are the photos this week:

Monday, June 28, 2010

WEEK 6 - Monday, June 28th

Well, it has been a month and a half. I finally start to give myself credit, and what did i do? I went out Friday night, had a few shots, a nasty hot dog, and an ice cream bar! Given, the ice cream was one of those Skinny Cow 100 cal bars, I didnt feel THAT bad about it. Maybe I needed it? I feel like i am adjusting to the diet very nicely. I am wide awake upon waking up, get tired around 4 but i have to go to work. My mind always wakes up when im about to head to the gym though. Its like my coke, caffeine, sugar high, etc. Life if about to get more busy than usual, not a bad thing. Actually good. I have been looking for a buffer and i think i finally found it... or have it coming to me! So good!!! Anyway, Week 6 on display now:

Monday, June 21, 2010

WEEK 5 - Monday, June 21

Well, its been one month and two weeks. We took my measurements yesterday. The most notable measurements were my weight and waste.... 6" off my waist since i started and 14lbs.... i weighed in at 161 lbs! Me being the ever critical person that I am, I dont see much change in the photos over the last couple weeks. Maybe because my darn persistent love handles dont go away. Anywho, quick update today.

Good news!! Dad wants to start getting in shape! I guess that means im rubbing off on him? :D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My promise to myself

Last night, I made a vow with myself. That vow was: I cannot sway off my diet until I see my 6 pack. That means, Holidays? Tough Luck!!!! Birthday? NO CAKE FOR YOU! I think the one thing I may indulge in is a dirty martini from time to time. My co-worker and I enjoy a drink after work on occasion and its nice to do.

I absolutely CANNOT let myself down this time. I am so focused on this its ridiculous. My mind, is consumed. While I'm working, doing my drawings, in the back of my head, the gym is in clear sight. Ever visible to me. Almost on the dot, my mouse will hit the task bar and it will be two hours since i last ate. I am following my diet to the T! I showed my trainer my food journal after the first week. Her response was "I wish all my clients did this."

I may seem obsessed, I may seem to into it- bordering on the dangerous side. But for my focus, and for the security that I WILL succeed, I cant be any less committed. It's go time. This is it!

You know what I've noticed? You go on Youtube, and search for "body transformation"... Do you see any female body transformations? I havent, at least, they are all GUYS! You see girls with ripped abs, but you dont know what they were like before. Jillian Michaels is known for being overweight as a youngster, I want to see the transition. Girls need a lil hope too! That video will come at the end my friends :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

WEEK 4 - Sunday, June 13th

Well, its my one month mark. One month of a completely different diet, one month of working out at least 5x a week, and one month of seeing a trainer. OH! And consuming lots of water. :) Here is the photo, and I'll do one from the beginning to now.

And here is the one month comparison....

Ok, so yes, there are some changes going on. First of all, my energy is 4x better and natural then it was before i started. My endurance is getting better. I had difficulty in the beginning doing the cardio exercises set for me by my trainer, and now I push myself to exceed those initial cardio plans... I went from hearing my knee start to complain after 2mins of light jog to just starting to hear it talk after 10 minutes of light jogging (5.0 on Treadmill).

Today, I am actually wearing a sleeveless shirt around, which I have, in the past, been to self conscious to do. So, there is a confidence improvement. Over all, I'm feeling good, im excited about getting in shape. The diet is consistent and not wavered off of. I do get cravings/temptations for sweets and carbs, like pasta and such, but I haven't indulged yet. I'm not sure when I'll allow myself a lil treat. Sometime. Im not ready to yet!

Anyway, see ya next week!

Monday, June 7, 2010

WEEK 3 - Monday, June 7th

Yes, so, i have chosen to start posting on Monday. That way i can get to the office where i have my basic photo editting program and post up my photos.
We did a weigh in and a measure and all of that yesterday. I am happy to say that my current weight is 165, i have lost 4% of body fat and i have exchange 11.1 lbs from fat into muscle.

I have told my trainer that she's going with me the whole way. She likes to tell me that I am stronger than i give myself credit for, and yes, i know i am strong, but I tell myself im weak so i dont give up, or lose focus, yet. I dont need to loosen up the slack anytime soon. The work in progress is moving along! :D

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Interim Post

I know i said i was only going to update once a week with photos. And my plan is to make this blog known once I have reached my goal... Whatever goal that is. But I felt this would be a fun lil thing to read.

HOLY CRAP! It's only been 2.5wks since I changed my life style and eating habits. Right now, im so pumped up, excited, happy, and i cant wait to get to the gym tonight. It turns me on, gets me high, makes me feel like i can jump up and touch the sky! Oh god.

YOU ALL NEED TO GET UP OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GO TO THE GYM!!!! Watch the news there! Wow. Bye bye bad foods, bye bye laziness, hello good eatin and happiness! I'll say it now, if you turn to a tub of ice cream for depression, turn to an elliptical. The benefits far outreach that of the choco ice cream!

I'm tingling. I'm alert. I'm awake. Each and every day from here on out will be great.

I call myself a gamer. I have no desire to play them anymore. I want to be active. When i have time off, i think about a bike ride, getting in good enough shape to go on a hike, running thru a park.

Honestly, this is the only band wagon that you are really actually cool, to hop on. So, you better jump on quick. Cause im leavin!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WEEK 2 - Sunday, May 30th

So, I know this is supposed to be posted on Sunday. But here it is Tuesday and im posting. HOWEVER, the photos are from Sunday. So. Here i Am lol

Lil changes... maybe. Not much. Kicked my ass a bit more this week. My trainer is trying to slow me down this week. Which is probably a good thing. But I have like this hunger to just..... "GET IT NAO!!" I get pumped up and excited to go to the gym. Half the time i show up and have no idea what im going to do, and I just go and am there 1.5hrs.

We did upper body today. And it feels fine. It definitely got worked. But im not feeling sore yet. If 10 o'clock comes, and im still not sore, I may do some cardio since i really didnt yesterday. Shall see!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Update - Week #1

After just a week, I'll show you an unflexed and a flexed photo of myself NOW:
(Sorry for looking tired, was a VERY long day!)

I weigh in every three weeks so in two more weeks I will have another weight update.

My diet at this point consists of:

1/2 cup oatmeal
2 white and 1 yolk
banana or apple

1/2 cup brown rice
3-6oz of chicken

1/2 cup brown rice
1 cup broccoli
3-6oz chicken

2 snacks a day, low calorie.

Eating every 2-3hrs.

First week was mainly focused on cardio, as is the second week. There will be abs worked in this week as well.

Stay tuned.......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20th - First Blog Entry!!!

So, I started a pretty intensive workout and diet regime and i thought, well, when I get done with it all.... It would be cool to see how i progressed and such! Alas!!! A Blog! Follow me on my journey thru personal growth! Will update every sunday with a photo to see how it progresses!

Well, To start the comparison off, I will show you a photo i took of myself oh.... 3-4wks ago, when i got the gym membership. We will call this our "Starting Point"! So..... here it is:

Starting Weight: 175