Thursday, July 22, 2010


So i dont seem like such a hard ass. I can never admit that im proud or i notice a change in myself when the person wants me to because then it gives me reason to 'celebrate' AKA, lose focus. But I thought i would write this down.

-The shape of my hands are becoming more defined.
-My fingers are thinner.
-My neck, is thinner.
-The hump on my back has decreased in size.
-More veins are becoming visible.
-My collar bones, are starting to show.
-My upper leg, when held up, looks MUCH thinner.
-I can see where my shoulder ends and my tri/bicep begins.
-My love handles feel smaller, but look the same.
-The front flab of my stomach isn't quite as plentiful as before.
-I feel like my face has changed, but im not sure.
-It's becoming increasingly harder for me to form a double chin.
-I started at a size 34, and am now struggling to keep up a size 31.
-My arms, when flexed, feel more firm.
-I can see the different muscles on the side view of my lower leg.
-I was stretching last night and looking in the mirror at my legs, yeah, they are definitely more defined... lol
-My energy, when rested, is 10x higher than it ever has been.
-I think in general, my body is becoming more defined.

So, i have admited to this at this stage. But that does not mean there is no more to gain. I have A LOT more to gain. Am I proud of myself? Sometimes im so overwhelmed i start to cry. But, I get right back into the mind set that I still have SO much yet to achieve! I can't back down now. It would be the death of me.


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