Saturday, November 17, 2012

Life. As it is right now.

Here is a lil blurb I just wrote. I found myself feeling amazing. The same way I’ve felt multiple times over the last few months, and I wanted to share it :)
I hope it can be as uplifting, and powerful for you as the feeling is for me. :)
I’m so high.
I’m so high on the very essence that is this life.
I’ve found.
You can’t have one without the other.
The reason why people succeed is because they learned from their failures.
The reason why people grow is because through that very process.
They change.
I will look you dead in the eye.
And I will tell you:
“I don’t know who I used to be.”
“I don’t know how I used to act.
How I used to live.”
And I can say that completely honestly because…
I’m so in love with the person that I am.
Right now.
In this very instant.
And maybe who….
maybe who I’ve always wanted to be.
This person.
Is the person who keeps my lil inner child amazed and in awe.
Of everything.
But, mainly, LIFE!
I dare to believe,
we all have the ability to feel something so wonderful.
Due to chemical imbalances and the stresses of the world…
People forget to breathe.
To take in these moments,
no matter when they happen.
They are so special.
Each so unique and different from the other.
Because your heart is stretched a bit further than the last time.
You learn a bit more about yourself.
And you learn to heal.
All over again.
These are the moments to live for.
These are the moments that we truly grow.
Without these moments,
one would find it difficult to excel outside.
To be the person you want to be,
You must have inner peace,
inner love,
and inner strength.
Learn this.
Live this.
And you too can be your dream.

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