Monday, September 20, 2010

WEEK 18 - Sept 20

So, week 18! This week went MUCH better than the last few months. I only got to train once with my trainer, but I did 4 days of cardio. Back on the cardio train! choo choo!!! :) It feels good, my mood is better, i feel better, my energy is better, im going thru food like crazy! So, hopefully come December (my goal for getting rid of excess) I'll be able to well, take a photo, and show me without the "excess" :) It's a long road. My trainer told me I've come a long way. Well, I feel like I'm only half way there. Anyway, here is week 18!!

And for fun, Imma start to throw an arm shoulder shot in from time to time. I should have done that in the beginning! Dope!

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