Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 MONTHS - Sept 9

Sorry for the delayed post. We had a bit of a crazy, sad week. Anyway. So, still not working out as much as I want. I am still seeing Amanda, clearly. That wont stop. The big news of the week though, I'm actually waiting right now for my trainer certification study materials to be shipped to me! I met with the owner of a smaller gym really close to where I live actually about being apart of his "Street Team"... basically going around, handing out discounts, putting up flyers on telephone poles, etc. And then I mentioned I saw that he was also hiring for personal trainers, and he told me what to do, that he would give me an internship near the end of my course and then once I started getting toward the end of the internship, he would start to throw clients at me. I was slightly flabbergasted that it could be that set up. But, I'm super excited! I havent done a weigh in in a long time. Maybe today. Amanda said we would probably this week. But I dont really want to know! It's probably only like 2lbs in 1.5 months. I need to work out my love handles. Once again, they are stopping me fro really feeling accomplished. Even though I do feel accomplished. So, these photos come to you from the hotel bathroom in Victoria before I plunged into the hot tub and sauna! 'Til next time! Aka, like 3 days now...ok.... 4 :)

And the 4 month comparison... sometimes I hate these cause it looks like i've gained some weight. but I cant tell!

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