Monday, September 27, 2010

WEEK 19 - Sept. 27

Week 19.... Aye ya! WTF! lol. Almost 5 months of this craziness! I love it though! This week. Didnt do cardio. Either the sprints I did on Sunday night last week were a bad idea or all of the diving ive been doing on the floor, has been a bad idea. (We have a puppy). Needless to say, my knee got irritated and swollen, so, I didnt do much to further aggravate it. Amanda has been kickin my butt though. And I'm about to head to the gym here in a couple hours to get some good cardio in. I started working 12hr days at my dads office, so it is allowable to take a break around 3 for a couple hours and then return and ya. That seems so pointless seeing that the gym is like 2 minutes from my house.... hmmmmmmmmm. I need to find a gym closer to this side. Anyway! Without further ado:

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