Monday, September 13, 2010

WEEK 17 - Sept. 13

Well, i'm into my fourth month! My trainer told me that I need to be eating 1800 calories, and now that I have that in my head, im basically constantly hungry. Its slightly ridiculous! While I wasnt all over the cardio last week. I did go dancing, for a bit, on Saturday night. Not sure that really counts, did a lot of walking on Saturday as well. But! I got all my materials to become a trainer myself. So, I'm studying a lot. I need to figure out a solid schedule so that I can fit in adequate study time and cardio time. Both are equally as important now as I dont really feel comfortable training anyone if I dont look and play the part! The first chapter of my reading is on Human Anatomy and it basically spits out every word in the anatomical dictionary and expects you to remember them.... I take a page of notes per half page of reading lol. And I'm only on page 8. The first chapter that I need to have done by Friday is 55 pages long. Lol. I envision myself at a coffee shop for A LONG time tonight since its my day off. But I'm excited! The key to my happiness is here! Anyway, enough about career stuff. I'm not sure I care that much anymore about how tired I am, I will be at the gym. End of story. The progress shots should start to show more change, hopefully :)
Here's week 17!

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