Monday, October 11, 2010

WEEK 21 - Oct. 11

So.. Week 21. Overall am pleased, I think i saw the gym.... 5-6x. My knee was slightly cranky in the beginning of the week so I gave it the weekend off, (somewhat), probably wont do any running tonight, but will work it on the bike today as Amanda has assigned. Oh! I attempted to climb the rope yesterday. Only using upper body. Thats tough! But now I get the drive and the challenge in the rope. Because now im like "one day, I will climb you" I think i did only like 3 hand over hands before i realized I couldnt move anymore. Cause when you are climbing the rope, you gotta pull your elbow into your side to get anywhere, and if you cant do that you dont move. I'm probably around 142-ish right now, but that dont mean I can get up that rope! What I do know, is that if you asked me 6 months ago to climb the rope I would have just looked at you and told you you were crazy. So, there is improvement... :P Anyway, on with photog-ish-time. :D

And a close up for shits and giggles :)

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