Monday, October 18, 2010

WEEK 22 - Oct. 18

Here we are at 5.5 months. Last week was a lil crippled since I didnt get home til late every night. I only got 3 workouts in. But yesterday, according to, i burned 1300 calories! I walked around town for 2 hours doing marketing, and then I went and did some hip ad/abductor workouts, 3x100 @ 40lbs. and then I went to my other gym (yes, I currently have access to 3 gyms :)....) and did the stairmill for 25 minutes, and ran for 10. That was a very good day! This week the gym will be seen much more as I dont have to be here late anymore except for what I work. I really do miss it when I cant kill myself on cardio. I know a lot of people who dont like cardio. I love it, I love strength.... i love it all :) Anyway, photo update :)

And I stared at this photo for like 10 minutes last night. :)

And why not, another arm shot :)

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