Monday, December 13, 2010

WEEK 30 - Dec. 13th

Last week... Last week. Oh! Right! Last week was eventful, to say the least! It was stressful, for sure, I was preparing for my cert exam on Thursday all weekend and all week. Took time off of work to study study study. By the time the exam came I was so exhausted I didnt know what to do with myself! I drove my Dad and my trainer nuts on Wednesday just jabbering on about nothing important. Letting the stressed, crazy person grab ahold of my mind and control my thoughts. Haha. All said and done though, and i PASSED! What!? I'm still basically shocked by it. But! For study breaks, I would go to the gym, everyday and really gun it. It was good to escape that way. So, the workouts were good. I started a new program, basically. Harder cardio, different, more strict diet of broccoli, sweet potatoes, and chicken.... basically. And thats great! I dont care about food, as long as I'm getting the nutrients I need to achieve my goals, then I'm happy. I did have a "cheat" meal on Thursday (celebratory meal after passing my exam) of steak tacos from my favorite Seattle bar, Matador. If you live in the area, be sure to check it out. They have a ridiculous happy hour menu. Delicious food that fills for $4-5 (Happy Hour times: 4pm-6pm and 10pm-1am)! But, then I was on my diet. But anyway, I'm feeling talkative and sometimes my rambles are pointless :) On with the photos!

hhhmmmm I feel like my love handles look bigger. Being too critical? The waist of my shorts were prob higher than normal.

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