Monday, December 27, 2010

8 MONTHS - Dec. 27

HOLY 8 MONTHS!!! Haha! So, I will admit. This week, eh, was kinda slacky. I actually didnt see my trainer at all, (Christmas break) and I decided to give myself a few days off to get rested because I have been absolutely tired lately. Friday I went to the cabin, hauled some logs around for about an hour and a half. Saturday was Xmas and I practiced my jump roping for a good 45 minutes, and then Sunday I steadily (not non-stop) worked out for 2-3hrs. I did like 80 flights of stairs, burpees, jump squats, jumped rope. So, Sunday felt awesome! I woke up this morning and my feet were like "Damn you! No more jumping around!" haha. They were pretty sore. But, It was Christmas, and instead of splurging on food, I allowed myself to sleep. I slept, a lot over the holiday and that is good as well. This week, back on track, seeing my trainer tomorrow. And, actually, I may be lying about being back on track. I think I'm stealing away to my cabin for 4 days or so.

OH! I have an interview tomorrow at Allstar Fitness downtown! They are aware of my experience (aka just got certified), they are aware that I dont have experience in sales, but I have a story of my own transformation that made a friends jaw drop the other night, so, I think that is a good selling point for me :)

ANYWAY.... without further ado! This weeks and the monthly comparison line!!!!

And the monthly!

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