Monday, December 6, 2010

WEEK 29 - Dec. 6

Week 29. Last week was..... great, actually :) My workouts were terrific, I saw my trainer 3x, and went to the gym 4, because for whatever reason, I went to the gym Friday night after have a midday training session. First time I had done a "2-a-day" and it actually felt good! I took Saturday completely off, and I attempted to jump rope on Sunday haha. I dont know where this kindergarten playground ability went, but I certainly lost it. I kept hitting my head with the rope, I think I almost fell about 5x.... ahhh it was good for laughs though! Speaking of laughing, the key to a good training session for me is laughing. I go into the gym (training studio), I get my butt kicked, I sweat, I laugh, I talk, I smile. Its the perfect remedy for my week! I think that is why I've become slightly addicted to it ("Geee! Ya think?!") And despite how mentally tired I am becoming from working and studying almost every waking hour, beside the 1.5hrs I allow myself to go to the gym as a study break, I am rather energetic! Here's to week 29!!!

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  1. you this is sarah2012, and i have just look at all your picks and i thank its wonderful that you have lost so much wight, i thank that anyone that is trying to lose wight should take pics like you did, that way you can see yourself lose it, sometimes it's hard to tell if you have lost wight. i hope that you keep it up. you have worked so hard, congrats. and i'm proud that you are doing it the healthy way. some people would do anything to fine a quick way to lose way but you did it with a stable died, daily work out and determination.