Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WEEK 47 - April 12

It seems as tho my official post day has become Tuesday. Mondays i'm running around with my head cut off. Tuesday is a much more relaxed (considering) day! Last week went better than the previous week for me. I ahve been so busy lately with training, and working, there were 2 deadlines last week at the office and I worked through the weekend! But, I did manage to the get to the gym to do some cardio on....... either wednesday or thurdsay. And I rocked it. I hadnt done cardio in a week and a half, and I get back and I did the stair mill and treadmill. I did level 8 for 5, and then level 14 for 15 on the stairmill, and then I had the genius idea of doing intervals for 10 mins, from ummmm 10.0 to 11.0 I think. My legs forgot how to work. Well, that is, until I got to session on Sunday!

Friday first though! Man oh man, I got there and she basically had me jumping around, running up stairs, squating, very active fast paced goodness. We did close to the same thing on Sunday. Just active session. We did a little bit of interval training too and I got up to 12.8.... for 10 seconds, I think any more than that and I would have pulled a Molly Shannon into the hurdles behind me. lol.

My goal/mission for this week is to get to the gym, no matter how tired I am, and get in my workouts. I have missed them. And, even though its important to focus on my jobs, there will never be a day when focusing on myself becomes unimportant. My own fitness goals are just as important! Til next week. And I will post photos next week. Well, I guess I will have too, since, after all it is my 1 YEAR MARK!!!!!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!! :D

This is an after thought. It will be week 48.... aka 11 months. I need to figure out where I went wrong!

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