Tuesday, April 26, 2011

11 Months (Do over!) and WEEK 49! - April 26

WOW! I have no idea where the time has gone! OR went! But, all of a sudden, I've missed my first week of blogging since I started blogging, and I forgot photos for this past weekend. Funny thing is I took photos last week, but not this, and I'm blogging this week, but not last. Yes, life has been slightly crazy. My brother has been in town, I've been working out more, I've been working more, I've been doing more, it was Easter. All these are a bunch of excuses as to why I forgot to write my blog last week. And I'm sorry for that.

This has been a blog in process. I start, then go away for a day, then pick back up. Alright, So. Short and sweet, so I can get something posted.

I went almost two weeks without doing much of anything. Was so busy, and tired. And then, I decided, I had no more excuses. I have to get back on the train. My trainer is getting ready for nationals in Vegas in July, and I've decided to give her the support team she had for Emerald Cup. So, I'm dieting and working out, just as much as she. We actually did stairs tonight! And it was awesome! So, we are going to start doing that frequently, I believe! I'm excited! Ew! You guys should see this photo! I love it :D

I still find myself openning up this photo and just thinking "wow, I have definition!" It's crazy! Hard work does indeed pay off! Anyway. Will post again, on Monday. With photos! For sure! :D

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