Monday, April 4, 2011

WEEK 46 - April 4

So, this week, Has been pretty good! Still super busy! My own training has gone well! I tested my leg press PR on.... Friday night maybe? and I put up 7 plates each side, aka 630lbs! I was slightly shocked to see that! I went up to Edmonds to train a friend of mine. And i threw him into the leg press, and was like "woah, i can do that whole stack" lol Thats pretty cool! I think. Ummm... Havent PRed anything else recently. My trainer posted a photo post-back-wrkt mid week and I texted her saying "ugh, i want your back. I keep going back to that photo" and so Friday, she gave it to me! Im finally starting to feel a bit back to normal! Yes, I think so! Just did the muscle poke test to verify. Haha.

My training, as a trainer, is going well too! Keep diving in and trying to learn all i can about program planning. I need to get back into the nutrition and anatomy side of things. Definitely need a refresher course! Seems like I have clients lining up, but need to get them into the gym! Which is excited. thanks to my amazing bro, I at least have something for a website now. So, its not just a "Coming Soon..." site. Now I feel i can get out there and start marketing myself... in all my spare time ;) I do know that, once the ball starts rolling, i better be able to keep up! May go around to different gyms in the area and work out, see if I can meet people that way. Make lil mail box things for the local residents where the gym is. SO MUCH! haha.

I think 2 weeks ago I said I was starting a strict diet again. And I let the trail mix take over that. Don't ask me, my cheat of choice is trail mix. And its goood... lol. But, I did start a diet on.... hm. I'm not sure, well I started SERIOUS again on Friday. And have kept it going, just fine. No trail mix, no nothing. I went for a drink on sunday, and yesterday, and this coming saturday. Meeting up with old friends. But, sunday i did have some tortilla chips o_O Damn those chips. Could have been worse though. I could have thrown some cheese, and beans, and turned my plan tortilla chips into nachos. So, gotta stay positive! Right!? haha

I am going to give a shout out to my trainer, Amanda J! Who is just 2 weeks away from Emerald Cup 2011 at Snoqualmie Casino and is looking AH-Mazing! I wont be shocked when she takes 1st! She'll def be standing on the podium, or whatever you stand on for top 3 at these functions! lol If any Seattle locals are interested, go ahead and check it out! April 15th and 16th (she's bikini and is on Saturday). The work that goes into getting ready for such a show..... not easy stuff!

Alright, onto photos. (like i said, these aren't changing, that much. I'm going to figure something else out....)
Sorry for the blur!!

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