Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Interim Post

I know i said i was only going to update once a week with photos. And my plan is to make this blog known once I have reached my goal... Whatever goal that is. But I felt this would be a fun lil thing to read.

HOLY CRAP! It's only been 2.5wks since I changed my life style and eating habits. Right now, im so pumped up, excited, happy, and i cant wait to get to the gym tonight. It turns me on, gets me high, makes me feel like i can jump up and touch the sky! Oh god.

YOU ALL NEED TO GET UP OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GO TO THE GYM!!!! Watch the news there! Wow. Bye bye bad foods, bye bye laziness, hello good eatin and happiness! I'll say it now, if you turn to a tub of ice cream for depression, turn to an elliptical. The benefits far outreach that of the choco ice cream!

I'm tingling. I'm alert. I'm awake. Each and every day from here on out will be great.

I call myself a gamer. I have no desire to play them anymore. I want to be active. When i have time off, i think about a bike ride, getting in good enough shape to go on a hike, running thru a park.

Honestly, this is the only band wagon that you are really actually cool, to hop on. So, you better jump on quick. Cause im leavin!!

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