Thursday, June 17, 2010

My promise to myself

Last night, I made a vow with myself. That vow was: I cannot sway off my diet until I see my 6 pack. That means, Holidays? Tough Luck!!!! Birthday? NO CAKE FOR YOU! I think the one thing I may indulge in is a dirty martini from time to time. My co-worker and I enjoy a drink after work on occasion and its nice to do.

I absolutely CANNOT let myself down this time. I am so focused on this its ridiculous. My mind, is consumed. While I'm working, doing my drawings, in the back of my head, the gym is in clear sight. Ever visible to me. Almost on the dot, my mouse will hit the task bar and it will be two hours since i last ate. I am following my diet to the T! I showed my trainer my food journal after the first week. Her response was "I wish all my clients did this."

I may seem obsessed, I may seem to into it- bordering on the dangerous side. But for my focus, and for the security that I WILL succeed, I cant be any less committed. It's go time. This is it!

You know what I've noticed? You go on Youtube, and search for "body transformation"... Do you see any female body transformations? I havent, at least, they are all GUYS! You see girls with ripped abs, but you dont know what they were like before. Jillian Michaels is known for being overweight as a youngster, I want to see the transition. Girls need a lil hope too! That video will come at the end my friends :)

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