Sunday, June 13, 2010

WEEK 4 - Sunday, June 13th

Well, its my one month mark. One month of a completely different diet, one month of working out at least 5x a week, and one month of seeing a trainer. OH! And consuming lots of water. :) Here is the photo, and I'll do one from the beginning to now.

And here is the one month comparison....

Ok, so yes, there are some changes going on. First of all, my energy is 4x better and natural then it was before i started. My endurance is getting better. I had difficulty in the beginning doing the cardio exercises set for me by my trainer, and now I push myself to exceed those initial cardio plans... I went from hearing my knee start to complain after 2mins of light jog to just starting to hear it talk after 10 minutes of light jogging (5.0 on Treadmill).

Today, I am actually wearing a sleeveless shirt around, which I have, in the past, been to self conscious to do. So, there is a confidence improvement. Over all, I'm feeling good, im excited about getting in shape. The diet is consistent and not wavered off of. I do get cravings/temptations for sweets and carbs, like pasta and such, but I haven't indulged yet. I'm not sure when I'll allow myself a lil treat. Sometime. Im not ready to yet!

Anyway, see ya next week!

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