Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WEEK 13 - Aug. 17

This week has been OK. haha. I read the scale on Friday and found out I lost 30lbs! It said 145. I'm going to guess if I hopped on the scale right now, it would not. Ian (my brother) came in town on Saturday, and met up with him and had some drinks, had some drinks last night with my co-worker. It is inscribed in my mind now that: Drinks = Calories = Weight Gain = 2lbs for a drink. Well maybe not that severe. And maybe with my metabolism doing fairly well its not a big deal anymore. Also for the fact I'm always hyped up on caffeine now.... and again. It sucks. But, like I've said, life is too busy right now to go without it. Unfortunate, but how it goes :( I have plans to decrease the amount I work, but who knows when that will actually happen :( Anyway! It seems like im complaining a lot, but Life is good, im doing well! I have training today, which i always look forward too. Took yesterday off from the gym. Its so hot in my apt that i couldnt sleep well Sunday night and was fairly tired. I'm tired today as well. Maybe its just an off week. And its hot. But beautiful weather! Anyway! Here is the WEEK 13!!! Wow! photos!

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