Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WEEK 15 - Aug 31

Yes, it is Tuesday and I'm posting. The top photos are from Sunday and the bottom photo is from Saturday. I felt that the lighting captured my stomach better in the bottom photo. So, thats why I included it.

My motivation has slightly shifted. I've been doing a lot more exercising lately. I worked on my upper body twice yesterday and I've been doing core exercises on my bosu ball with much more frequency than I have in the last month or so. Maybe even more. I did tricep dips until burnout (about 30 reps) three times, same thing with push ups, (3x30) and 15lb bicep curls (3x30) twice yesterday. When I was doing the curls, my veins started to pop all over my arms and hands.... in some sick way, it kinda turned me on.... haha. On the bosu ball I totaled out at about 150 each for front and both side sit ups. Thats not a lot, but with proper form and doing 3x50, it starts to burn after 30 for me at this point. So, that will be working up.

I posted to my facebook status last night that "i feel like im being rocky-fied" And honestly, I have a different fire burning. My trainer says she is notorious for being a lot stronger than she looks. It can be a good thing to be training with her. Well, it is most definitely a good thing to be training with her. But she'll have me pumping the iron soon and I at least wont be those ladies.... AKA half man - woman, with giant builds :) I'm ready for it.

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