Friday, August 13, 2010

Upper-Arm Flab

Not really. But there is a conveniently placed mirror where I change into and out of my swimsuit when I go to layout on my lunch break and i was bending over today, and the flab from the front of my stomach really reminded me of the extra skin that hangs down from older people's tricep area.... lol. Thought that was humorous. But, that also means that there is not a lot left! So.... I've decided. Tired or not, im going to power through another month or two of crazy exercising. Currently I'm not getting in as much as I would hope because of the fact that I'm very tired lately. Its no fun! But, power through it. Really try to breathe and rest on my days off, and get rid of the last bit! I'm starting to get excited and feel good about myself and the progress i've made when I look in the mirror and see not much is still there. It's go time! I have a mix that should help with this, actually! Not sure its recommending, but definitely gives you that extra pump and with a bosu ball at home now, I can wake up and do my core workout! Awwwww shibby! :P

Beautiful day, maybe I should go for a run. Wait! Dope! Can't run far on concrete yet! :( Till next time! AKA in three days! Ciao!

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