Monday, November 29, 2010

7 MONTHS! - Nov. 29

So, today is 7 months! I will say, I am so happy that I'm still on the right track with the right mindset and the will and determination I had when I started. I will also say, for those who didnt know, blizzard in Seattle over Sunday night. Two days of pain in the butt commuting, one travel day for thanksgiving in Florida :), Thanksgiving, and family time with no gym membership equaled not too much on the heart pumping workouts I love so much. My trained kicked my butt on Sunday and had me sore thru Thursday morning, and I actually did get to the gym yesterday (Sunday) with my mom at her gym for a small guest entrance fee. On a positive note, considering it was a holiday and i was with family and that meant eating out, a lot, i did keep my diet in check, as best I could. So, I am proud of myself for that! AND! It's 7 months! I cant wait to see what I feel like, or what it will feel like once I hit the year! I'm honestly married to this. When my trainer, ok, when Amanda :) told me what I should be eating to accomplish my goals I went out and ate all the bad food I could eat because the next day I was going to start in on a diet more strict than anything I had ever done. And I ate the same thing for 3.5 months. I had my bachelorette party, and then, I married my program. I think, that partly, that is why I've been successful this time. Because of that simple word I throw in when I think about this journey. "I'm married to it" Anyway! Here is MONTH SEVEN!!!!!

Ah!!! I posted with out the 7 month comparison! Not happy with month 7. Darn tgiving!!! Alright... here is the line up!!

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