Monday, January 24, 2011

9 MONTHS - Jan. 24

Well. I had a new fire burning this month... that is for sure. Lets start with the most recent week. I will say, last week I was thrown a curve ball. I was, and still am waking up an hour earlier than normal, and its is kind of throwing my body into a weird "get tired way before normal" spin. I did see my trainer 4x actually. So i did get in 4 wrkts. And when Saturday rolled around, I was pretty sick that day :( so, no double workout as I had planned. I have started this week off right though! I went to the gym after my morning meeting and totally killed myself on the stairmill. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm back to normal brain function or not. Haha. As far as the entire month? I was on fire, I am on fire! This week, still an hour earlier than normal, and then my trainer is going to require me to take a week off. Aye ya! I guess she knows best though. And if my 8th to 9th month comparison shot is any clue to the fact that i am plateauing (I feel I look a lil bigger in the 9th month.... I could be being critical though!) then I do need a week off. It kinda sucks! You work your butt off, and then you look at a photo of yourself 4wks later and it looks like they should be reversed (8th month should be 9th month and vice versa). Oh well. One week to kill myself, one week to revive myself and then back into the swing of things! So.... here is the weekly and the monthly comparison line!

And the monthly....

What do you think? Am I being critical? or am I actually a lil bigger this month? :( haha

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