Monday, January 17, 2011

WEEK 35 - Jan. 17

Wow, Wow, Wow! My work out log is slightly scattered right now, so I will include that tomorrow, maybe in a new post. Or just edit this one. but I will say: last week rocked. I'm feeling better and better. It seems that I'm getting a lot of heat on various sites for my habits and the amount im working out. but frankly, I feel fine, if I'm tired, I dont go for the 2nd workout. For instance, tonight, I'm going home and going to bed! The workouts are going well. I am finding that my endurance isn't quite what i had hoped it would be by now. So, I'm going to start to work on that.
I think in the last post, I talked about me plateauing. Well, My trainer is going away for a week or so, and so am i, from the gym. I will take the full week off, enjoy my birthday, and rest up!
You'll have to excuse me, im pretty tired right now! The workouts have been good, the sessions have been awesome. I feel great after this week! On to Week 35 pics!

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