Monday, March 21, 2011

11 Months! - March 21

Its Month 11! And its blog day! WOW! Life has been crazy the last week! Hard for me to grasp what time it is and where I'm at! But, with that, it works, and im happy!
I started to shadow, and get comfortable in a gym setting this past week. See this is bad, I cant even remember if its been a week or two weeks. I feel like it's been 2 weeks since I started working out of Fuerte Fitness..... but, wow. Anyway! With that aside, I've so far done two "orientation" sessions. I put someone through a core workout and had a "meeting" with a member where they basically have the opportunity to go over what they have been doing, talk about what may be working, what may not be working, etc. And I can throw in my corrections or update their plan, give them new exercises, etc. And... honestly? It's comfortable even though I'm not as knowledgable (clearly) as I am going to be in a year, or two, three...etc, you get the picture.

The other really cool thing is this: before I start the session, im wondering if people are going to be watching me... or "oh god, that person has been training for years, they probably look at me like im an idiot and new!" And then, I start talking to the member/client, and all that disappears and I don't even concentrate on it. I thought I would be afraid to touch people to help correct form, and im not. It's really refreshing and exciting to know that while, like I said, im not as knowledgable as I am going to be, I'm not really uncomfortable or afraid of it either.

I have decided (today actually) that they best thing for me to do is go through each body group, get basic, intermediate, advanced exercises for each (since my "off the top of my head" exercise bank is not yet extensive) and use them as cheat sheets. And also, go through common "ailments" (i.e. lower back pain, knee problems, elbow pain, shoulder ETCCCC....) and write down the more common reasons these occur and what is common to fix it, exercises, etc. And that would be a good couple sheets for me to have in my pocket at first. I'll tell ya though. I'm excited. For what reason, I have no idea, it feels natural. It feels good. And I wasnt quite expecting that. Like I said, its refreshing.

With that said!!! On with my week! I started in on a STRICT diet again. I get to session on..... Thursday, and I tell my trainer "I dont really want to remind you..." we took measurements, and as I had thought, I didnt really go much of anywhere since the last time. I lost half a pound, and had a mm or two fluctuation, but my pinch i think was about the same. My eating, had gotten to the point where I was relying on Zone Perfect's....... pure proteins, and not eating REAL food. Well, NOW.... I am! My diet is as follows (yes, I have a photo of what my trainer wrote out for me....scary thing: It's only monday, and I'm pretty tired! HELLO 5am!!!):

ADD 24 almonds to last meal.

And I have followed that, except for the steak, I eat chicken. I think I needed that little kick in the butt with the measurements, and i KNEW i hadnt made that much progress since last measurements, but it made me realize i gotta get back to it. Still got more to go!

My goal with cardio is too go for distance now. I hit 5 miles one day. Wait, I wrote about that last blog. And now, I need to still do the distance, but I've been running about 2-2.5miles and then hitting the stairs and doing lvl 14 for 15ish, taking it down to lvl 7 for a 30 sec break and then gunning it at lvl 16 for 5. At lvl 16 I can basically jog on the machine. I can walk too, but its at that speed where you can do either. It's tough. And as the last 5mins of a 40min cardio session. You better believe my mind is DEAD when i get done!!!

I also started doing PRs. My bi curl is 35lb x1, my tri pull down is 45 on the cybex, I'll go in tonight and see what my bent over ext is. My chest press on the cybex is 55. And as far as the other PR's there are, I'm going to redo them. I got 80 for the row and I know I can do 100 on another machine. To the Meat Market I go!!

Almost time for PHOTO TIME! I feel like with this month's photo, you can see more definition in my arms. But, if you see my hand, im trying pretty hard to flex it "incognito" lol. Even still, my arms have shown some change. I think that my ribs are more present.... maybe, but this spot in my dad's house shows my shadows really well, as I have mentioned before! I have an appt with Sono-HELLO! (tired lingo for sonobello) on March 30th to assess the current situation and see what sort of hit to the pocket i could be looking at. While part of me feels really guilty, and maybe, fake, for considering this option.... ive lost 65lbs (from my heaviest) by hard work, diet, dedication, determination.... and I will be, excuse me, damned if I let this skin stay there and laugh at me and remind me of a time that i could hardly walk on the treadmill for more than 5mins. No thanks! So, that will be an update for 2 weeks!

Alright! Enough of this jibberish!!! Here is the photo comparison and the month line! Next month!!! I get to put up my first YEAR comparison!!! WOOT!!!

And the month comparison line.... (sorry about 11 being smaller than the others!!!)


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