Monday, March 28, 2011

WEEK 45 - March 28

Week 45 has been nuts. And yes, this post is late. I was just so exhausted yesterday, I went home and went to bed. Life is crazy! Busy! But good! As always! Started to actually train people. Had an orientation of sorts on Saturday and Sunday, and a session with a client, an orientation and a monthly Monday morning. Feeling better about all of it and building a little bit of confidence! I found that last week, I did do a lot of working out. But it was more so for the clients, and what workouts I was going to do for them. And that is good, because even though I didnt use as much weight as I could for the workouts, I was still going through them... almost nightly.

I did try to test my PR on the leg press while finishing up a late night workout at Fuerte. I had 5 plates each side, and was still able to do 12-15 reps. And I was out of plates at that point. So, I need to go to 24 and see what these legs are made of! Strangely, the more i go over these workouts for future sessions, the more i feel i need to have a workout for ME. And that may seem selfish. Fine. But, to just drop the note pad, put the headphones in, blast the music, and get lost in the world I wind up in when my heart rate gets going. I crave it when I go without it.

I do love training though. Yes, I've only really been doing it for like 2 weeks, and not as often as I will be. but its good, and feels good, and Yeah, basically read last post and thats how I feel. It's comfortable. I think the issues that are arising now, is yeah, I can do these monthlys where the member will be like "we did an upper session last time, lets do lower this month" And my goal is to give them a wide range of exercises that they can form their workouts around. But a client you see 2x a week. You have to be creative, and you have to keep it fresh. Ahhhhh.... oooohhhhh haha. And I will get that. I have been going over's exercises library any second I can. I have it on my phone so I can always whip out the app and write more down when I have a moment to spare. I finally have learned the value of having a writing notebook with you at all times. I'm always writing in it. Ah, I cant wait til the day when I can just run someone through an upper wrkt and not reference anything. I should make a program..... the "Workout Randomizer" I'd make millions.

Fun news! I also made Jamie Eason's "INSPIRATION" album! 42,000 followers and I was the 6th photo she uploaded. Nice. Figured if I can use my story and my progress to motivate and inspire others, then that is a good day! Anyway, I know, I'm not changing much, probably, but here is Week 45!

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