Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WEEK 42 - March 7th

Yes, I am a day late again. I've had some crazy thoughts going on this weekend and all yesterday. Saturday, I was informed that I have gotten my fat to the point where its going to be extremely hard to lose it. And that if I am to see my horizontals, I'll need to undergo surgery. This text conversation with my trainer led to a session of face to face conversation about every other thing I hold deep in my head and save for my trainer. It was good, needed, I've told you guys! She's amazing and serves far more purpose for me than just making me sweat. She is an incredible friend, motivator, inspiration, she's like family to me. Anyway, I'm fairly upset and not sure taking photos every week is going to show much anymore. Thinking about cutting back to once a month...or maybe starting up some PR's and pushing my weight. I need to move my "progress" to another arena. Maybe its to take photos every 2 weeks of flexes and show that my muscles are morphing and changing. I'm sure there is still some fat that can be shed off. But its going to be probably 3 full days of running to see a mm taken off :P haha. Well, here is week 42!

So, I will figure out what my posts will be from here on out!

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