Monday, November 22, 2010

WEEK 27 - Nov. 22

Well, week 27 has come and gone! Unfortunately, I feel as though currently I am on a crash and burn program. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just so busy right now, with work, and studying, and working out. I'm gone, on average, 12-14hrs a day. Get home, shower and study. Starting Monday's tired. I will say, once Dec. 9th has come and gone, I wont be able to rest, but once it has passed, I will most likely sleep for 2 days straight haha. Last week was good, again, with the gym and getting my work outs in! I'm not sure what is changing on me, but I think i still am losing, or gaining (muscle). We are taking measurements tomorrow. The ultimate truth! Hopefully I've done something! haha. I'm sure I have. Anyway, here is the photo!

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