Monday, November 15, 2010

WEEK 26 - Nov. 15

Last week went well again! I trained 2x and was at the gym 3x and had a work day at the cabin. Given I spent about 3-4hrs pressure washing, I still feel like I had a fairly active day (Note: Giving credit for doing something outside of the gym.... I see improvement!). I'm starting to realize the last little bit is going to take some work to shred off. But I like challenges, therefore I gladly accept, while saying "Give me your best shot!!" Life is getting crazy though. I spent all day Saturday at the cabin, and all day Sunday studying. I dont think my life will be any different until the exam is said and done. And when I say "done" i mean "passed". And to pass, well, I wont see anything but my work computer, the TV at the gym, or the inside of my book until the exam is here! I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving, and my mom asks me "Are you excited to come!?" And I reply "well, kinda, I know I'll spend the majority of my time studying, so I guess it will be nice to have the time off work to really focus on my studies!" Maybe I can find some way to incorporate sun bathing and studying. Maybe. Or something vacation-esque. Anyway, here's to another productive and satisfying week!!!

PHOTO TIME!!!! WOOO!!! haha

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