Monday, November 1, 2010

6 MONTHS - Nov. 1

Wow. I've been at this 6 months? Well, lets start with the short term re-cap. Last week I did a lot of walking. I had an AutoCAD class downtown and for our hour lunch, i generally spent it walking around town, briskly, as they call it :), but by the time night time rolled around, I was so brain dead by all the info I received I would just go to bed. I guess you can call that active, but I never count walking as exercise, even tho I should. I really am not making anymore excuses. I feel like I'm starting to see the change, so I think that I can slack off, and i may not be to anyone else, but to me? I'm definitely slacking off. For instance, yesterday I cleaned my apt for a total of 6hrs or so, 4hours in the morning and 2hours at night, technically that is working and burning calories, and if you put that in the livestrong exercise calorie tracker, its a total of 1000 or so calories expended, but I dont feel like I did anything because I wasnt at the gym sweating. Its gotta be about the sweat, I love the sweat, the increased heart rate. As I have said, that feeling? It's better than any med, or counselor, its the remedy for life's shit, as I said earlier today. 6 months. I did expect to be further along than this, but then again, In one year, i lost 55lbs. I guess I can give myself some credit for that, maybe just a lil bit :) I said it before, but I'm ready to haul ass again. I wont let myself go home until I hit the gym. Alright, well, here is the progress shot with the comparison line. Until I can figure out a better way to format it, there is going to be a giant white area in the comparison shot :-/ :P

And the comparison:

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  1. Great work! You should be proud of yourself for loosing 55 lbs in one year!
    I found you on Twitter. My name there is @PoWorkout
    Have a great weekend!